About the Team


Andy Staines/Yellow Swordfish

Andy started Simple:Press Forum at the end of 2006 when the search for a decent and usable forum plugin for WordPress proved a disappointment. Originally not intended to be released as a public plugin, the idea was to keep it ‘simple’ – hence the name. Other people saw it, asked where it came from and requested a copy so version 1 was released. And then, of course, users started to ask for new features and it just snowballed!

Andy is retired and currently lives in Cambridgeshire, England where it is flat, cold and wet and not at all to his liking.

Andy has been blogging for four years – please do visit some time using the link below:

Steve Klasen/Mr Papa

Steve was the second person to register on the Simple:Press support forum, an early adopter, he has used it on many sites. He kindly started to help out with support questions – especially those Andy was unable to answer and quickly agreed to become a moderator – a feature he originally asked for. Towards the end of 2007 Steve started to contribute code to the project as well as new ideas and expertise and is now a fully-fledged co-author and partner.

Steve lives miles from anywhere in Arizona, USA where it is not cold and wet – something Andy is most jealous of.

Steve’s real love seems to be Cruising – something of which he is an expert. Use the link below to visit:

Our Team

Brandon C

Brandon has been a user of Simple:Press for quite some time. With the release of Simple:Press 5.0 Brandon has become involved with sorting out issues, building theme and overlay files and creating support information on our Codex.

Brandon runs or maintains several websites running Simple:Press and is very much involved with Consumer Electronics gadgets and gear.

Brandon also lives in Arizona and says there is no other state that has as much to offer as Arizona does.

Brandon is probably one of the most knowledgeable persons you could know in regards to Place Shifting. Use the link below to visit and learn more:

Ken Wilson

Ken is new to web software development, but had been involved in software developments for most of his working years. He retired after a long career with aerospace companies then consulted / contracted for an additional five years before really retiring.

Using Simple:Press has provided an introduction into forum software for Ken. As he uses and learns the growing Simple:Press capabilities he contributes pages to the Simple:Press Codex explaining them. It is hoped the write ups allow forum admins and users to become more knowledgeable, independent, and proficient working with their favorite website’s Simple:Press based forum.

Ken lives in Fort Worth, Texas, not far from Texas Christian University (TCU). He enjoys traveling to new places, visiting with family and friends, golf (even though he is not good at it), and college sports.

Join the Simple:Press Team

We are always on the lookout for new team members. Everything from working with us on the Support Forum to coding new features – designing new skins to creating icons. The pay may be lousy… OK – nothing is probably worse than lousy! But it can be very rewarding. If you are interested – get in touch.