Showcase of Sites Using Simple:Press

Right now, passionate users are interacting with these websites and sharing their experiences about their products or services. These are vibrant destinations which engage existing and potential members all into at a single place. This is all being done seamlessly without the need for separate applications, multiple websites or expense.

Even as we speak, questions are placed throughout the Internet about how to combine a WordPress site and a forum. Using Simple:Press these websites have realized the immediate benefits that Simple:Press can bring to their hobby or business. This is truly revolutionary there is no other WordPress plugin that can give you what Simple:Press does.

Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself

Take a look at some of these websites that are using Simple:Press to stand out from the crowd. is a popular French website full of tutorials for WordPress beginners. After one year of activity we decided to integrate a forum to help our visitors a little further, and to create a real community.

We tried all the forum solutions possible, and it appeared that Simple-Press was the only one that worked like a stand alone application yet integrated seamlessly with our beloved WordPress. Powerful and smart enough to accompany you while your community grows.

I run a popular site for learning to play the violin and was looking for ways to expand and to give more help to my members. A forum was an obvious addition but finding one that is as easy to use yet flexible was another story.
After much research there was no question in my mind that “Simple Press” for its compatibility with WordPress and flexibility was the obvious choice.

“I support Simple:Press regularly and am certain that if I had to pay a fee based on the work involved in building and maintaining this plugin, I would easily pay ten fold.”

Friskyttarna is one of the largest MMO Gaming Communities in Sweden – playing and talking about Massively Multiplayer Online role-playing games, publishing mmo-news, interviewing game developers and participating in conventions.
We have been using Simple:Press since the very beginning of Friskyttarna. It’s easily the most flexible and advanced WordPress forum plugin available. On top of that, you get outstanding support that really can not get any better.

“I recommend Simple:Press to every site searching for a qualitative forum solution with 100% WordPress integration”

When Jim and René faced difficult decisions regarding amputation for their dog Jerry after his osteosarcoma diagnosis, they launched Tripawds to inform others about cancer in dogs in an effort to create a platform for discussion about this serious issue.

“After much research we chose the Simple:Press plugin for its comprehensive features, ease of installation, and management simplicity.

Place Shifting Enthusiasts is the premier community website for information, updates, tips and tricks for Place Shifting and Place Shifting hardware.

“We could not provide our community the member experience required without the Simple:Press engine and the support behind it.

Fantasy Football Xtreme was founded in 2005 with one goal in mind: Provide users with “too much” Fantasy Football information and provide it year-round. A quality forum is critical to a business like ours, as it breeds users and is the foundation of our community.

“Simple:Press is pure quality, always improving and the support team here at Simple:Press responds to questions and concerns as if it’s top priority.”

Chickens in the Road attracts a wide-ranging group of users who love to talk and share photos, recipes, information, and ideas about country living, so adding a forum was a no-brainer when it came to furthering the sense of community on the site.

“Since installing it on my site, my vision as both a community and a resource has been fulfilled, and its seamless integration with WordPress and my site’s design is like the cherry on top.”

If you feel that your forum deserves a mention, has a vibrant membership or is special, then please contact us using the link on the menubar above and we will come and pay a visit.