2nd Quarter 2019 Progress Report: New Plugins and Recent Updates

Over the last couple of months we’ve been busy making tweaks and enhancements to a number of our plugins and themes. The result of this work can be see in the following updates:

New Simple:Press Core Release

Version 6.2.0 Simple:Press is now available in the WordPress.org repository. This release includes the following changes:

  • New: SVG Icon Sets
  • Improved: CSS editor
  • Bug fixes

Learn more about these items in the release notes.

Licensing Updates

All Premium plugins have now been updated to use the new licensing mechanism that was introduced in Simple:Press 6.1.0.

Free plugins and themes do not need license keys or a registered email address for updates.

New Plugins

If you’re not already aware, we introduced two new plugins last quarter:

  • Ads
  • Analytics

This quarter we introduced two new plugins:

New Plugin: Push Notifications

Push Notifications is a new plugin that will send forum updates via four different methods:

  • Slack
  • Text Messages (SMS) via Twilio

The Pushover and Pushbullet apps are premium iOS and Android apps that make receiving notifications from applications a breeze.

New Plugin: Canned Replies

Canned Replies is a new plugin that provide users the ability to quickly create replies to posts using pre-written responses. This is going to be especially useful for admins and forum moderators.

Updates To Existing Plugins and Themes


Version 2.1.1 implemented an important bug fix:

  • When a user unsubscribed from a FORUM, all other users subscribed to that forum were also unsubscribed.

Most users do not subscribe to all forum topics which is why most users never noticed this issue.


Version 1.1.0 implemented some minor bug fixes and features:

  • Added glossary link
  • Added OPTIONS link in the plugins screen

Barebones Theme

This theme was updated to implement the following new features via template tags:

  • Added template tags for the new Push Notifications plugin
  • Added template tags for the new Canned Replies plugin

Reboot Theme

This theme was updated to implement the following new features via template tags:

  • Added template tags for the new Push Notifications plugin
  • Added template tags for the new Canned Replies plugin

Stacked Theme

This theme was updated with one new feature:

  • Added option to show Special Rank badges horizontally beneath the users area.


This plugin was updated to support the iconsets feature that was introduced in SP 6.2.0.

Admin Bar

There was a bug in this module that prevented it from working with the Stacked and Default themes. Version 2.2.1 was released with a fix.


We added a few important updates to our importer plugin:

  • Added ability to import data from Asgaros
  • Added ability to import data from WPForo
  • Updated the help text to include better guidance for post-import actions
  • Fixed a few bugs

The latest version of this plugin is now 3.2.1.

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