About Simple:Press

Simple:Press publishes plugins that help you provide amazing customer experiences on your WordPress website.



We publish three plugins that focus on the end-user experience on WordPress sites.  Use them separately or as an integrated suite and watch the quality of your end-user experience soar.

Yellow Swordfish - aka Andy Staines 
original creator of Simple Forum

Andy Staines

Creator of Simple:Press

Yellow Swordfish – aka Andy Staines is the original creator of Simple Forum


Simple Forum – as it was once named – was conceived towards the end of 2006 – just 3 years after the birth of WordPress itself. Andy Staines (aka Yellow Swordfish) had created a handful of small plugins and needed a decent support mechanism that wasn’t email. Nor – after investigating the options – was it an existing WordPress forum plugin. So, without giving any thought to the consequences, he sat down and started to write a new plugin just for himself and started to use it on his website that December.  It was named ‘Simple Forum’ because he wanted it to be functionally more capable than other options but at the same time simple to use. And, he thought, as he was going to be the only user, he could do things the way he wanted them.

Mr Papa - aka Steve Klasen<br />Partner and co-creator of Simple:Press 5

Steven Klasen

Development Partner

Mr Papa – aka Steve Klasen is the co-creator of Simple:Press 5 - and the second user of Simple:Press/Simple:Forum

A Good Thing Is Recognized

Users of Andy's other plugins started to use the forum for their questions and requests and now and then people would ask if they could have a copy for use on their own website. Slowly but relentlessly it snowballed.

Along Comes Steve

The very second user to register on Andy's support forum was Steve Klasen AKA Mr Papa. He asked for a copy and became a nuisance regularly asking for new features and changes. And then he would write half of them himself and send Andy the code. And slowly – as the months went by – no longer a nuisance but a genuine collaborator, the project became more and more dependent on both of them and a partnership was formed.

At some point they were surprised to discover that a standalone application named ‘Simple Forum’ had long existed so the name was changed to ‘Simple:Press’, maintaining the ‘simple’ misnomer and at the same time honoring its WordPress foundation


Nigel Bahadur

Business Manager

Simple:Press is just another WordPress project where Nigel is in over his head.  Cue the late nights...

Things Get Serious

November 2008 saw the launch of this dedicated website alongside version 4 with the next major milestone taking up virtually all of 2011. During that year the product was re-designed and re-written.  The entire project became version 5, utilizing a plugin and theme api and slimming down the core code. Launched in February 2012 this remains the foundation of Simple:Press today.

Andy and Ken do not know for sure how many users are out there around the globe. But every now and they visit a website only to be surprised by a Simple:Press forum. In Andy's words - it "Sort of makes it all worthwhile."

A Brief History Of The Simple:Press Member Manager Plugin

Unlike our Simple:Press Forums plugin, the history of Member Manager is really quite brief.  Its origin year is 2019 when it was forked from the Ultimate Member plugin.  Then, we added in a number of features that were missing and renamed and re-branded it. 

Some of the features we added included:

  • Custom account tabs
  • Custom user profile tabs
  • Help desk integration with the Awesome Support help-desk plugin 
  • Integration with our own Simple:Press forums plugin
  • Integration with Simple:Press Member Subscriptions

Plus a whole suite of other smaller enhancements.

A Brief History Of The Simple:Press Member Subscriptions Plugin

As with the history of Member Manager, the history of Simple:Press Member Subscriptions is just as brief.  Its origin year is 2019 when it was forked from the Paid Memberships Pro plugin.  

The impetus for doing this occurred during the development of Member Manager - we realized that we had no way of charging users for their memberships.  So we decided that we needed two plugins that could be complementary, even if some of the functionality overlapped.  

Some of the integration points with Member Manager and Forums include:

  • Assign forum membership automatically when a subscription is purchased
  • Link to the Member Manager pages for password resets and viewing account information
  • Display subscription information in Member Manager tabs

And of course, a whole suite of other smaller enhancements including a UI for custom registration fields and more.