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Administration: Options->Icon Sets

Starting with Version 6.2.0 of Simple:Press, you can use custom icon files created by icomoon for icons in the following areas:

  • Forums
  • Ranks
  • Reputation

To upload an icon file generated by Icomoon, go to FORUM->OPTIONS->ICON SETS.

In that screen, the top panel contains a BROWSE button.  Click it and point to your .zip file from icomoon.

Once the file is uploaded, you should see it in the Installed Iconsets panel in the middle of the screen.  You can click on the red “X” to enable it.

Creating An Icon File

After selecting your icons on the icomoon site and you are ready to download the file, you must make sure that you set certain options properly in order to not conflict with other icon files.

At the bottom of your project screen you should see a FONT “tab”.  In that area there is a “gear” icon.  Click on it to get a popup of settings.


It is very important that you set the following items (and not use the default):

  • Font Name
  • Class Prefix
  • Turn on Support for IE 8
  • Turn on Support for IE 7 & IE 6

Once you have set these options, you can download the font file and upload it to simple:press.

Performance Warning

Keep the number of icon sets that you enable to a minimum.  Each enabled library will exact a performance penalty in the admin screens that uses icons!

Version Information

Applies to: Simple:Press 6.2.0

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