Upgrading Version 5.x

Important Note:  The contents of this document applies ONLY to version 5.x.x of Simple:Press.  It likely does NOT apply to version 6.x.x (our latest version).

These notes describe the steps required to upgrade Simple:Press Version 5.x to a later version.

Backup your database prior to upgrading Simple:Press
If something can go wrong it will go wrong on that one occasion you did not backup your data first! Always make a backup. We may be unable to help you with subsequent problems should they arise if a database restore is the logical option.

Two Ways to Upgrade

Starting with version 5.x, you now have two ways to upgrade.

1) WP Updater

The easiest way is to simply update Simple:Press using the built in updater of WordPress. When a Simple:Press core, plugin or theme update is available, you will see this information in the WP updates menu, the WP plugins menu or in the SP themes or plugins list. Just click on the update link and all will happen behind the scenes. We still recommend a database backup before updating.

If updated plugins and themes are available at the same time as the core Simple:Press, we recommend updating all components prior to moving to step 3 below.

If you have made any change to Simple:Press files with the core, plugin or theme you are updating, use caution as the WordPress updater will overwrite those.

2) Manual Update of Simple:Press

PLEASE NOTE: Version specific instructions may be contained in a ‘read me’ file supplied with the plugin. These may stipulate that the files from the older version have to be removed prior to uploading the new version. Also, please note that it is inadvisable to simply rename the old ‘simple-press’ folder. It should be removed if required.

Alternatively, you can continue to manually update your Simple:Press core, plugins or themes like you had to before the 5.x release. This is done with FTP. Start, of course, by downloading the plugin from our Simple:Press Store page and click on “Download the Simple:Press Core Plugin for WordPress”. It is free there. Simple:Press is not available from the WordPress plugin repository.

Step 1: Upload to your Plugin Folder

Upload the plugin files to your WordPress installation. The ‘simple-press‘ folder must be copied to your WordPress or WPMU ‘plugins‘ folder. If there are no instructions to remove the old version first, then you may overwrite the current files with the new ones.

Step 2: Activate Simple:Press Forum

Simple:Press Forum should now appear in your plugins list.

Activate the plugin if you deactivated it earlier.

Unlike most plugins, activation is only the first step. Nothing is upgraded at this point. Simple:Press requires specifically upgrading – a process that will update any data needed for the new version.

You may load the upgrade page from the plugin entry by clicking on the ‘Upgrade‘ link. Alternatively, you can navigate to the ‘Forum‘ menu. This will appear beneath the WordPress ‘comments’ menu. At this point the only menu option available will be to upgrade the plugin.

Step 3: Upgrade

Selecting the menu item will present the upgrade page. Click on the ‘Perform Upgrade‘ button to start the process.

This may take a few minutes. During the upgrade you should see the progress bar as new items are created or copied to your system.

When a successful upgrade has finished, the progress bar will be complete and a button will appear inviting you to go directly to the Forum Admin.

In WP multsite, there is a network upgrade or you can let network site admins upgrade their own Forums. Network site forums will show a ‘Forum Not Available’ warning along with a reminder for the Admin to upgrade their individual forums.

That’s it. You are ready to use the new version.

If things do not go to plan and the upgrade halts, then visit the troubleshooting section in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of the Codex at Troubleshooting FAQ.
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