Using Plugins

Important Note:  The contents of this document applies ONLY to version 5.x.x of Simple:Press.  It likely does NOT apply to version 6.x.x (our latest version).

Much like Simple:Press itself is a plugin for WordPress, we also use a plugin system that allows you to extend the core and add new features to your forum. This allows you to keep your installation lean and mean – you only need to install or turn on the plugins that offer features you want to use.

You can even create your own plugins through hooks – actions and filters – in the same way that WordPress plugins work.

Before you can install any Simple:Press plugins you first have to install the main Simple:Press Core plugin for WordPress itself from our Simple:Press Store page by clicking on “Download the Simple:Press Core Plugin for WordPress”. It is free. Once you have it installed you should check and make sure the basics are operational before installing the Simple:Press plugins.

You can browse and purchase the available Simple:Press plugins at Our Plugin LIbrary. Once downloaded you will need to add them to your website.

Adding Simple:Press plugins to your site

You can not use the WordPress plugin installer for Simple:Press plugins. You can either use the Simple:Press plugin uploader or manually add them to your site.

Adding Simple:Press Plugins to your site – Using Simple:Press uploader

Simple:Press comes with it’s own plugin uploader. When downloading a plugin to add to your site it will comes in a Zip file. You do not need to unzip the file to use the Simple:Press uploader. Navigate to the Simple:Press Admin Section >Plugins > Plugin Uploader section and you can upload the plugin there. You can only upload new plugins. This is not for updating plugins. Updates to all plugins come via the WordPress updates pages.

Adding Simple:Press Plugins to your site – Using FTP

When you installed Simple:Press a new folder was created under your WordPress /wp-content folder named /sp-resources. This is turn should contain a series of sub-folders that will hold various SP components. There will be a sub-folder named /forum-plugins and this is the default location for all Simple:Press plugins.

You can add any plugins to your site using FTP or a file management uploader utility.  After downloading the plugin you would unzip the files to your local machine. You would then create a plugin folder named the same as the zip file (without the extension)  under the /forum-plugins folder.  You would then add that plugin’s files and folders to the new folder you created.


Why are the Simple Press Plugins not in the same place as the WordPress Plugins?

There are two compelling reasons to site Simple:Press plugin files outside of the WordPress plugins folder:

  • WordPress periodically scans ALL the files in ALL of your plugins. This obviously takes time. By removing some of them from the plugins folder, they will not be included in these scans which will aid general performance.
  • WordPress will not recognise or be able to activate a Simple:Press plugin

Once your Simple:Press plugins are installed correctly, future updates will be made available via the WordPress updater.

Activating your Simple:Press Plugins

Once you have added the plugin folders to your website you can now go into the Simple:Press administration menu where you will find a Plugins section. In the plugin panel you can activate which plugins you wish to use.

Many plugins will add administrative options and new permissions to Simple:Press. From the plugins list there will usually be a link to the main options where you can select those settings you require.

Before downloading and activating any Simple:Press plugins it is recommended that you preview the requirements and features for each. Some plugins require modifications to your Theme or additional steps. You can view the list of plugins and their information on the available plugins page.

If you decide you do not need a particular active plugin then it is recommended that you deactivate it to save resources.

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