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Before Starting a Support Topic

WordPress Should ‘Just Work’

A lot of users believe that anything associated with WordPress should ‘just work’. Surely, being the most popular website framework available running so many sites means it must be so. Sadly this is just a fantasy!

Run WordPress with any compatible theme and yes – it should just work. But virtually nobody does that. They add plugins and perhaps even adopt a ‘special’ theme with a whole array of visual tricks and functionality. Plugins are WordPress’s strength – but are also the points of greatest fragility.

There are thousands of themes. There are thousands of plugins. Over 44,000 plugins in the WP repository at the time of writing – not to mention the many thousands of paid for plugins. And then there are the ‘premium’ paid-for themes. Just think about these numbers for a moment. It means the different and unique permutations of theme and plugins is a number off the scale. We are talking about a lot of trailing zero’s!

The bottom line is that no two WP controlled websites are quite the same. And all it takes for chaos to descend is one, badly written line of code in one of those plugins!

Our Experience of Supporting WordPress Sites

Sadly, over the years, we have encountered so many plugins and, sometimes worse, themes – that ignore WordPress standards, the WP API and best practices in an attempt to do something flashy, tricky or unique. And so often, left to itself, it will work but its effect on other plugins can be disastrous. This is particularly true of plugins and themes that add their own JavaScript or add non-supported libraries that fail to co-exist with standards.

Before You Start a Support Topic

If things are not quite right following an update then clearing caches might be all that is needed. Try the steps shown in this FAQ even if visually things look correct.

The above is why we always ask some basic questions when somebody reports something not working. It would help if some or all of these questions could be included in the initial support question.

  • The first and most important question is – what happened just before something ‘stopped working’? Program code does not suddenly change! So something always happened. And this does not mean with Simple:Press itself. This means to the website as a whole.

Additionally – if you have just updated Simple:Press itself the following questions are even more relevant

  • Has the WordPress theme been updated or been switched?
  • Have any other WordPress plugins been updated or new ones added?
  • If possible can you provide a link to your forum page?

Looking for Errors

Before asking for support – please check the error log. The most useful way to do this is:

  1. Go to the forum admin > Toolbox > Error Log
  2. Clear the error log entries using the button at the bottom of the listing
  3. Run the forum action that is no longer working
  4. Return to the error log and reload it and look for any errors
  5. PLEASE NOTE: Errors are shown in pink. PLEASE ONLY report actual Errors

If possible it is always helpful if you can check for scripting errors as well. This Codex FAQ explains how to do this. It really is a very simple matter to check for script errors and it can save a lot of time and frustration if anything showing up is included in the initial support request.

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