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FAQ: Change Breadcrumbs to horizontal rather than stagger down

The breadcrumbs displayed in the Simple:Press forum by default stagger down as they go. Similar to the image below.


The reason for this is that there are several different styles of WordPress pages and if the forum is used on a narrow page if the breadcrumbs were inline they may not ft.

You can change the way the breadcrumbs are displayed by editing a file in your Simple:Press theme.  Before you so you we recommend you create your own custom Simple:Press theme. The main reason for this recommendation is because after you edit an existing theme any new update will overwrite all your customizations. You don’t want to lose all your hard work! Information on installing custom themes are located on our Creating a Theme page.

In standard supplied Simple:Press themes the breadcrumbs are used in the header of the forum pages in the spHead.php file of the Simple:Press theme. You would find this file in the theme’s /templates folder and can edit it using any text type file editor like notepad. Do not use a word processing program like MS Word to edit these files. Once you find the spHead.php file you can load it into your editor and search for the text ‘BreadCrumbs’. You will find something like this:

sp_BreadCrumbs('tagClass=spLeft spBreadCrumbs&tree=1', __sp('Home'));

This outputs breadcrumbs in a dropdown list with a homepage link named “Home”.
To change it from a dropdown list to horizontal the number ‘1’ after the tree= is changed to a 0 (zero) such as:

sp_BreadCrumbs('tagClass=spLeft spBreadCrumbs&tree=0', __sp('Home'));

There are also several other ways you can modify the breadcrumb display and you can see the complete usage and several different examples here.

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