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FAQ: How Do I Create a Child Theme?

A Child Theme is derived from an existing, standard supplied Simple:Press (SP) theme. It is an efficient way of incorporating minor customizing changes into the website’s forum theme. The long lasting benefit is reduced maintenance when the supplied Simple:Press themes are updated.

A top-level outline of the steps to create a child theme is:

  • Identify which folder holds the theme folders for each of the Simple:Press themes.
  • Download the “Child Theme Framework” folder derived from the desired Simple:Press “parent” theme and place it in the folder with the other Simple:Press theme folders.
    • Rename the downloaded “Child Theme Framework” root folder.
  • Modify the contents of the child’s ‘spTheme.txt’ file to properly identify components of the child theme.
  • If a different image file (.png or jpg) is to identify the child theme, delete the supplied ‘spTheme.jpg’ file then bring in the new file and name it ‘sptheme.jpg’ (or ‘.png’).
  • Expand the child’s ‘spFunction.php’ file to contain any child specific functions, if desired.
  • After renaming the child’s styling file ‘.css’ or ‘.php’, modify it with minor styling changes desired for the child, if any.
    • After renaming the child’s styling file, it is wise to reset the combined CSS/JS caches.
  • Copy over and modify only those parent theme ‘template’ files that are to contain child customizations.
  • Bring in any image files which may be either replacing parent files or being added to the child.
    • Follow the image file naming convention which depends on whether or not the file is a replacement or is being added.
  • Copy over, rename, and modify only parent theme ‘overlay’ files that are to contain child customizations.
  • After the child theme has been created, try it out.

The Creating a Child Theme Codex page contains the detailed steps for creating a child theme.

  • Don’t be overwhelmed by the detail on the page. Just work through the information one section at a time.

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