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FAQ: How to Remove Simple:Press Acknowledgments

Similar to how most all WordPress theme have credits in the footer all Simple:Press themes come with an credit or acknowledgment at the bottom of the forum display with a link to Simple:Press.

If you find that it is obtrusive or not needed you can remove the acknowledgment by editing and removing it from the Simple:Press theme you are using.

The only caveat is that if you change anything in a supplied theme that when the theme is upgraded it the new version will overwrite the old one and all your changes will be lost. In order to avoid this a custom Simple:Press theme should be created. Our Creating a Theme page explains in detail how this is done.

Acknowledgements location

The Acknowledgements are created by the sp_Acknowledgements() function the theme’s spFoot.php file that is included in the theme and resides in the theme’s /templates folder. It is one of the last things at the bottom of the file.

Removing Acknowledgements

If you simply want to remove or not display the acknowledgements you can comment out the line that calls the function by placing a # (pound sign) at the beginning of the line.

#sp_Acknowledgements('', '', __sp('About Simple:Press'), __sp('Visit Simple:Press'));

The # will make it so that line is ignored.  You can edit it using any plain type of text file editor like notepad. Do not use a word processing program like MS Word to edit these files. Once edited you can save to your server and the acknowledgements will not longer be displayed.

Editing Acknowledgements

If you wish to change how the acknowledgements work or are displayed the sp_Acknowledgements page lists it’s complete usage and hooks available for it.

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