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How To Change the Display Column Widths

As supplied, the pre-set column widths on forum page displays is set to accommodate the default width of the icons (such as Forum and Topic icons) and to fit an average overall page display width.

However – if you change the width of the icons or have a very narrow or very wide overall page display area, then the columns may need some adjustment to facilitate a balanced look.

For most of our themes – with, at the time of writing, the exception of Unified – column widths can be changed in the templates. Found in the /templates folder of the Simple:Press theme you are using, templates control the entire display and format of the forum.

You can use the built in Simple:Press Theme Editor or an external text editor for editing template files. Open the template view you wish to change in your editor of choice – see our Glossary of Terms for descriptions of the different page views.

On the whole, templates may look confusing but are, in reality, quite easy to follow as each display template function is responsible for a single element of the overall display and follows a logical sequence from the top of the page to the bottom.

You can quickly locate the column based display sections by the comments such as:

# Column 1 of the forum row

Take a look at the columns created in the section and you will find that each column has a width value defined most usually like:

sp_ColumnStart('tagClass=spColumnSection spLeft&width=6%&height=55px');

In this example you will note that the column width has been defined as width=6% and please note that this format – i.e., no spaces etc., – must be adhered to when making changes.

Check all of the columns in the section and you will find that they should add up to either 99% or 100%. The full 100% is usually fine but some browsers have been known to prefer 99% in total so using this target total may be best.

All you need to do now is adjust the column widths to suit your display requirements, save, reload the forum page to view the results and change again if needed.

As always we recommend that you create your own Simple:Press theme so that any customisation is not lost during a future update.

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