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How to Move SP to a new Server or Domain

If you need to move your WordPress and Simple:Press installation to a new server

Simply ensure that all of the Simple:Press database tables are moved alongside those of your core WordPress. The Simple:Press tables are all prefixed with ‘sf‘ (following your own database level table prefix).

Be aware that some WordPress plugins we have looked at in the past that offer to perform some of these tasks will only operate on the core WordPress tables. Simply ensure that ALL tables are included in the move and there should be no other tasks to be carried out.

Internally, we use the Updraft Plus plugin to move Simple:Press between servers.

If you need to move your Simple:Press installation to a new domain

The above (move to new server) also applies to moving to a new domain. However, it is vital to remember that Simple:Press requires the WordPress ‘users‘ and ‘usermeta‘ tables to ensure that all forum posts etc., are assigned to the correct users. Therefore it is imperative that these two tables are included in the move.

In the case of moving just Simple:Press (and the ‘user’/’usermeta’ tables) to a new domain there are some other tasks which become necessary. The first of these is to create a new WordPress Page for the forum to use for display:

  1. Create a new page with whatever title and slug you prefer (the default at install is ‘forum’)
  2. Then proceed to the forum admin > Integration > Page and Permalink
  3. Select the new page n the drop down list at the top
  4. Update the admin panel using the button at the very bottom of the form
  5. Finally update the forum permalinks with the button in the middle of the form

You will then need to go through all of the forum options to ensure they are all intact and correct for the new domain. For example, the Login and Registration admin panel will need any URL’s updating to the new domain. Another example would be the email option settings that will also need to be updated. As a general rule it is worthwhile quickly checking all panels to ensure the data has moved intact and correct.

And if there are any files saved to the server…

Simple:Press creates, by default, a folder named ‘sp-resources‘ within the standard WordPress ‘wp-content‘ folder. Various sub-folders are defined here for holding data such as uploaded avatars, forum rank badges, custom icons and user uploads (if the file uploader plugin is installed) etc.

To retain any data that may exist in these folders then these too should be moved to the new domain or server. These would normally travel with the WordPress ‘wp-content‘ folder which is the standard, default repository for plugin and theme data and media uploads. Simply include the Simple:Press folders when moving it.

And, don’t forget to check your wp-config.php file for any Simple:Press related entries you might have added and make sure those get added to your new site/domain!

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