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How to Upload or Attach Files to a Post?

The forums here may work a little different from what you may used to in the way you can attach files.  You can use html to embed or display remote images or links to file but in order to give users the ability to upload images, videos or files to the forum you must install the file uploader plugin. This Simple:Press plugin gives you the ability to upload images, media and files in forum posts.  Please see Using Plugins on how to obtain and install the File Uploader plugin.

Once installed and setup when creating a new topic or replying to a post you will see a button on the bottom left of the text input box.


Clicking on the ‘Upload Attachments’ button will open up a file upload box.

You can then select which files to upload or attach to you post.

If you select an image or media file they will be uploaded and added to your post at your last cursor position.


Under the files upload box you will see the files types along with the maximum format and file size. All uploaded attachments must not exceed these requirements.


Some images will be re-sized to fit the forum size/width layout. If that happens the image will have an icon of a computer mouse next to it. You can click on that icon to show the image in it’s original, larger size.

That is all there is to it. If you have any questions on how this works let us know!

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