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Forum Displays Wrong Information

If you are having an issue where your forum is displaying the wrong information like someone else’s user name, guest name, login information or not showing the latest posts – it may be caused from using a WordPress caching plugin such as ‘WP Super Cache’ or ‘W3 Total Cache’.

Caching plugins create static, stored page files for future page loads which works perfectly for blog pages and posts where the content does not change. But dynamically created pages, where, like a forum, the content is continually changing, needs to be excluded from such caches.

Fortunately all good caching plugins allow you to turn off caching certain pages.  If running a caching plugin the WordPress page the forum is displayed on needs to be excluded for all types of caching in use for it’s pages. Note that Simple:Press uses a single WordPress ‘page’ to dynamically display all of it’s different views. In the most popular WP Cache plugins, a page can normally be excluded by adding the unique page ‘slug’. By default and as installed, this slug is ‘/forum/’. See your Cache plugin documentation for more information on how to use this feature.

We realise how important it is to display pages quickly so we have some built in caching and compression features that help to speed up the display without losing the ability to dynamically serve up the correct information. Simple:Press is also under constant review of optimisation and future caching opportunities.

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