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I am seeing javascript:void(null) for a browser link

When you move the mouse pointer over a normal link, you should see the URL of the link. There are links and buttons that you may hover on that says: javascript:void(null)

A lot of users don’t understand the reason for this, and think that the website is broken, or maybe hacked.

When you see “javascript:void(0)” in the browser status bar, it’s a normal thing to expect with JavaScript code on the page.

When you see this what is going on is that javascript:void(null) is entered into the href attribute of the HTML a tag. Normally this is the url the link will take you too but in some cases with simple press we don’t use the href attribute for page redirection. We may use an onclick action to execute a JavaScript action when a button is clicked instead of a direct HTML  link when clicked. When that is used is when you will see “javascript:void(0)” in the browser status bar.

If you are having any issues when clicking on a button or link that says javascript:void(null) there is another underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

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