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My forum display is unformatted after an update

If, following an update to Simple:Press your forum display becomes unformatted then please check the following:

  • Make sure that you have updated all of the available components – the Simple:Press core and any Simple:Press themes and plugins you are using. Clear your browser cache following this and see if this resolves the issue. If not try the next action.
  • Go to the forum admin > Toolbox > Housekeeping and run the task to Reset Combined CSS Cache. Again – following this action, clear the browser cache and try again. If still not working move to the next action.
  • Go to the forum admin > Options > Global Settings and, if checked, uncheck the option to use the combined CSS cache. Take another look.

The above actions will normally resolve such an issue.

If using a custom theme and updating from Simple:Press version 5.5.4 or below – to – 5.5.5 or above

If you are using a custom theme (and not a child theme), and one which is based upon ‘Default’, ‘Stacked’, ‘iForum’, ‘Unified’ or ‘Reboot’ then it might be that you will need to make an edit to the main theme CSS (php) file. This has become necessary due to a possible security issue. Open the file in your editor (you can use the editor in the forum admin > Themes section for this) and look at the top of the file.

You should see a comment near the top that reads: ‘# load the selected color overlay stylesheet‘. Underneath there should be two lines of code exactly as the following:

$overlay = dirname(__FILE__) . '/../../' . $_GET['theme'] . '/styles/overlays/' . $_GET['overlay'] . '.php';

If the code in your file is NOT the same then please replace it with the above and we apologise for the change. It was, as stated, due to a security issue.

We would also recommend that you consider changing your custom theme to a child theme which would avoid such issues in the future. Child Theme frameworks for all of our themes are now available on our download pages.

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