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Simple:Press Plugin Activation Errors

After adding a Simple:Press plugin to your website and you receive an activation error it could be caused by uploading a plugin with the wrong file name or an issue where a plugin was uploaded but the Zip file working folder was not deleted after the install.
If you are seeing an error after uploading a Simple:Press plugin here are a few things you can check.

Adding Simple:Press plugins to your site

You can not use the WordPress plugin installer for Simple:Press plugins. You can either use the Simple:Press plugin uploader or manually add them to your site.

Adding Simple:Press Plugins to your site – Using Simple:Press uploader

When downloading a plugin to add to your site it will comes in a Zip file. You do not need to unzip the file to use the Simple:Press uploader.
The Plugin you upload must be the same name as the plugin.  For example if you download the plugin named “subscriptions” it comes in a Zip file named “” if for any reason your download is renamed to something other than like subscriptions(1).zip or you must rename the file back to “” before uploading.

After uploading the plugin there will be a new folder created under your /forum-plugins folder with the name of the plugin and will contain it’s contents. If the folder name does not match the plugin name. IE, “subscriptions” and is named something like /subscriptions-1 then you will have to manually rename the folder to “subscriptions”

Check the error message

If you are seeing an error after installing and activating a plugin look at the error line closely and see if there is a 1 (or any other number) after the folder name.  If so you will need to rename the folder, removing the 1 or any other characters, to match the name of the plugin.




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