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Why do my new posts show as posted minus seconds ago?

Simple:Press optionally displays first, last and new post date and time in what is known as a ‘nice date’ format – i.e., ’20 seconds ago’, ‘2 hours ago’, ‘3 days ago’ etc. If instead you are seeing a display of minus seconds then this most usually points to incorrectly set timezone settings.

The WordPress Server Timezone

First check the WordPress timezone setting. This is set in the admin Settings > General panel. This setting is not intended to be the physical timezone of your hosts server, but the timezone the site owner wants their blog posts to be shown in. So this would usually be set to the timezone of the site owners home location. All blog posts and Simple:Press forum posts will be saved in the database using this timezone.

The Simple:Press Users Timezone

Each user of your forum can then set their own personal timezone which will adjust the dates and times of forum posts when they are displayed for that user. This is set in the Simple:Press Profile – Options > Display Options.

Avoid Using UTC Settings

While the Timezone selection list includes UTC settings these should be avoided. There are two reasons for this. Firstly some of the php functions used to calculate local timezones do not properly support UTC calculations and secondly, UTC times do not take daylight saving into account.
We strongly recommend and urge users to select the continent/country and city location for both the above timezone settings.

Once Set do NOT change the Server Timezone

If it is ever necessary to change the WordPress server timezone setting be aware that all existing blog and forum posts will still be held with the original date and time – these will not change. So there may be an immediate period where the times appear to be wrong but this will work itself out after a day or so.

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