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User Groups

One of the main two building blocks needed for access control to your forums is User Groups.

Simple:Press will create some default User Groups when it is first installed. For many users these default User Groups will cover their requirements. For others, who perhaps need a more sophisticated level of access control, then as many User Groups can be created as needed.

When a new user registers on your site, Simple:Press will place that new user in a User Group. Which one they are placed in is set in the Forum -> Usergroup > Map Users to Usergroups panel and can be mapped to a WordPress role. By default when first installed, new users will be placed in the ‘Members’ User Group.

Using the ‘Add Member’ and ‘Move/Delete member’ tools you can manually adjust the memberships of each User Group.

Default Usergroups

  • Guest: This is a ‘virtual’ User Group as, by default, it has no members. Guests, by their very nature, are not registered. Simple:Press will automatically treat non-registered users as guests and apply whatever permissions are linked to this User Group. Note that it IS possible to place genuine members into the Guest User Group who will then be granted the same permissions as your Guest visitors.
  • Members: This is the default User Group for registered Members of your website. It is largely in this area that you may wish to extend the number of User Groups you create if you wish to have different ‘classes’ of members.
  • Moderators: This is a special User Group for your forum Moderators. You can have multiple Moderator User Groups.
Please note that forum Administrators do NOT belong to a User Group and do NOT require permission being assigned to them. By their very nature, forum Admins are granted total and unrestricted access although their activities within the forum admin panels can be restricted

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