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Post Import Processing

What to do next

If the import results look good and error free then there may still be some tasks to perform before going live with your Simple:Press forum:

After the import is complete, you should perform the following steps:

  • Reset your Simple:Press admin permission – go to FORUMS->ADMIN->MANAGE ADMINS and click on the UPDATE ADMIN CAPABILITIES for each admin.

Forum Administrators

As the user making the import, you have automatically been made an SP Administrator. If you wish other members to also act as forum Administrators then you will need to visit `Admins > Manage Admins to assign them this role.

Forum Moderators

If you wish to assign specific users as forum Moderators, you will need to visit User Groups > Manage User Groups to do so. When SP was installed a default ‘Moderators’ user group was defined which can optionally be used.

Forum Groups

Depending upon the source system, it is not always possible to import and re-create your forum Groups – sometimes also known as Categories. If this is the case then a single default Group would have been created. Go to Forums > Manage Groups and Forums to create your Groups and to move your forums into them.

Sub or Child Forums

It is not always possible to recreate sub or child forums and if this is the case, they will have been imported as standard forums. Changing these to sub forums is very easy and quick and can be accomplished at Forums > Manage Groups and Forums

Member and Guest Permissions

Simple:Press has a comprehensive permission system underpinning what your members and guests can see and do within your forum. Go to Permissions > Manage Permissions to set these up as you require them.

Options and Components

Please spend a little time working through and reviewing the various SP forum options, components and other attributes. Many conditions of your source forum can be recreated here and it is less frustrating to ensure you have them set how you want them from the very start of going live. Note that each Admin panel comes complete with popup help to explain the various options and settings available.

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