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Theme Changes 5.2.0 to 5.2.6

If you have created a custom theme then this will not be automatically updated when you upgrade Simple:Press to version 5.2.0. if you would like to take advantage of any new features that 5.2.0 offers then these notes outline the main changes. These are based upon the Default theme. We recommend that you use an editor that has good file compare functionality so that you can easily see these changes in the Default theme and apply them to your own if you choose to do so.

Your theme should continue to work using Simple:Press 5.2.0 without making any changes. Our goal has been not to disturb custom themes. But if you wish to take advantage of new features some changes will be required.

Theme Changes 5.2.0

New Theme Icons

The following theme icons (the theme ‘images’ folder) have been added to 5.2.0:

  • sp_ToolsUnapprove.png – New icon for Forum Tools for Unapproving a post.
  • sp_ToolsNotify.png – New icon for Forum Tools for Sending Notification to a user.
  • sp_SubscriptionsSubscribeForum.png, sp_SubscriptionsUnsubscribeForum.png, sp_SubscriptionsSubscribeForumButton.png and sp_SubscriptionsUnsubscribeForumButton.png – New icons for subscribe to forum on group view

Template: spListView.php

Decreased topic name column width in spListView.php template file from 78% to 74%.

Template: spTopicView.php

Modified the Post Ratings plugin template function sp_TopicIndexRating() to now be usable on topic view to also output an aggregate ranking for the topic.
Just add the template function call into spTopicView.php in your theme where you want it (typically under the topic RSS button in the topic header).

Template to edit : spTopicView.php
Template Function to edit: sp_TopicIndexRating()

sp_TopicIndexRating($args='', $summaryLabel='')

For this new potential display location the template function now takes a new summary label argument for customizing the rating label. This new summary label argument is only used on topic view. The functionality for the summary display on forum view is unchanged.
Additionally, this new topic aggregate summary on the topic view now follows the hreview rich snippet format. This means that your aggregate topic will show up in your search engine results pages.

Template: spForumView.php

To correct an HTML validation issue there has been a minor change to the spForumView.php template in all themes.

Template to edit : spForumView.php
Template Function to edit: sp_TopicIndexRating()
Locate the following use of the sp_SectionStart() function:

sp_SectionStart('tagClass=spForumViewSection', 'forum');

and change it to:

sp_SectionStart('tagClass=spForumViewSection', 'subForum');

This change is non-critical.

Changes to templates to support the Integrated Editor Toolbar

To support the new Integrated Editor Toolbar, it is necessary to add items to two templates in the form object definitions at the top. Please note: each entry in these lists must end with a comma except for the last entry. If the comma is not supplied then an error will occur when the forum is displayed.

Template to edit : spForumView.php
Object Definition to add to: Add Topic Form Object Definition

'tipSmileysButton'	=> __sp('Open/Close to Add a Smiley'),
'tipOptionsButton'	=> __sp('Open/Close to select Posting Options'),
'tipSubmitButton'	=> __sp('Save the New Topic'),
'tipCancelButton'	=> __sp('Cancel the New Topic')
Template to edit : spTopicView.php
Object Definition to add to: Add Post Form Object Definition

'tipSmileysButton'	=> __sp('Open/Close to Add a Smiley'),
'tipOptionsButton'	=> __sp('Open/Close to select Posting Options'),
'tipSubmitButton'	=> __sp('Save the New Post'),
'tipCancelButton'	=> __sp('Cancel the New Post')

Object Definition to add to: Edit Post Form Object Definition

'tipSmileysButton'	=> __sp('Open/Close to Add a Smiley'),
'tipSubmitButton'	=> __sp('Save the Edited Post'),
'tipCancelButton'	=> __sp('Cancel the Post Edits')

Theme spFunction.php

Two constants have been added to the spFunctions.php file to control (a) whether your forum converts check boxes and radio buttons to graphics and (b) whether your forum shall use the graphic tooltips. The defaults are:

Template to edit : spFunctions.php
Add the following:

define('SP_USE_PRETTY_CBOX', true);
define('SP_TOOLTIPS', true);

If neither of these constants are defined, the forum display will default to true. Use false to turn them off.

New template function for displaying Subscribe to Forum button

This new feature function can be placed on any page view that has a valid forum id (i.e., forum and topic view). By default, none of our provided themes use this template tag.

Template(s) to edit : spForumView.php and/or spTopicView.php

sp_SubscriptionsSubscribeForumButton('', 'Subscribe to Forum', 'Unsubscribe from Forum', 'Subscribe to all topics in this forum', 'Unsubscribe from this Forum');

Note the first parameter is for the optional argument list followed by two button labels and finally two tooltip labels.
See the Codex for more detailed information

New template function to select User Group in Members List

This new template function allows you to select a specific User Group to lost the members of in the Members View. An ideal place to locate this display function would be beneath the search area or beside the page links to the right.

Template(s) to edit : spMembersView.php

sp_MemberListUsergroupSelect('tagClass=spUsergroupSelect spRight');

This will display the new select control on the right hand side.

CSS Changes

Integrated Editor Toolbar

To manage proper styling of the new Integrated Editor Toolbar some minor changes to CSS are required:

CSS Rule to edit : #spMainContainer #spPostForm .spEditorSection
Make the following changes:

  1. REMOVE the ‘float: left;’ rule
  2. CHANGE ‘width’ from ‘100%’ to ‘auto’
  3. CHANGE padding to ‘7px 10px’

Underlined Links

Optionally change Stacked.php and iForum.php to use underlined links in post content to match Default.php and CSS Only Themes.

CSS Rule to edit : #spMainContainer .spTopicPostSection .spPostSection .spPostContentSection .spPostContent a
Make the following change from:

text-decoration: <?php echo($alt5LinkDecoration); ?>;


text-decoration: <?php echo($alt6LinkDecoration); ?>;

Optionally change Stacked.php to use underlined links in users signature to match other themes.

CSS Rule to edit : #spMainContainer .spTopicPostSection .spPostUserSignature a
Make the following change from:

text-decoration: <?php echo($alt5LinkDecoration); ?>;


text-decoration: <?php echo($alt6LinkDecoration); ?>;

Gradient Backgrounds

All gradient backgrounds in all themes have had their definition changed to correct errors and/or missing entries. In particular a malformed webkit entry has been corrected and in some cases gradient entries added for IE, Opera and CSS3 where they were missing.

jQuery UI AutoComplete Styling

Styling rules for the jQuery UI AutoComplete widget has been added to the core theme CSS. Without this change, the rules will inherit from one of the plugins or core (randomly based on activation and loading).

in 5.2.0 we have made all AutoComplete stuff specific, so default for core is needed. Core Simple:Press theme and each plugin now provides a unique class to each jQuery UI AutoComplete usage. This allows for styling each AutocComplete usage individually.

Look for the ‘core autocomplete styles‘ label in the CSS file to enable you to copy the rules across to your own theme.

Select User Group in Members List

The following styling has been added to all themes to style the new Select Control for allowing you to select a specific User Group to view the members of in the Members View.

CSS Rule to add to your theme stylesheet:

#spMainContainer .spUsergroupSelect select {
	font-size: 80%;
	vertical-align: top;

Theme Changes 5.2.1

CSS Changes

Improvements to Success and Failure Messages

The general display of Success and Failure messages – like those that inform you your post has been saved successfully – has been improved. To take fill advantage of these changes some CSS alterations are required as follows:

Locate this section in your theme stylesheet:

Success/Failure Messages
#spMainContainer .spMessageSuccess,
#spMainContainer .spMessageFailure,
.spMessageFailure {

and simply add a new rule to this block:

text-align: center;

Font Size of Search Input Field

The font size of the search input field has been reduced to match other controls on the display:

If you are using a CSS based theme then add:

#spMainContainer .spSearchForm input.spControl {
    font-size: 0.8em;

If you are using an Overlay based theme then add:

#spMainContainer .spSearchForm input.spControl {
    font-size: <?php echo($spSubmit); ?>;

Improvements to Private Messaging Thread display

We have updated the layout and css for the private messaging thread list to improve display on very narrow or very wide displays. The following are the modified CSS items:

#spMainContainer #spPmThreadList .spPmThreadItem {
	clear: both;
	width: auto;
	border: 1px solid #DDE8EE;
	padding: 5px;
	line-height: 1.2em;
	-webkit-border-radius: 5px;
	border-radius: 5px;
	margin-bottom: 5px;
	height: 3.7em;

#spMainContainer #spPmThreadList .spPmThreadItem .spPmThreadTitle {
	width: auto;
	overflow: hidden;
	white-space: nowrap;

#spMainContainer #spPmThreadList .spPmThreadItem .spPmThreadFrom {

#spMainContainer #spPmThreadList .spPmThreadItem .spPmThreadDate {
	float: left;
	font-size: 0.9em;

#spMainContainer #spPmThreadList .spPmThreadItem .spPmThreadDelete {
	margin-top: -4px;
	float: right;

Theme Changes 5.2.3

CSS Changes

Profile Update Messaging

The success/failure messaging following changes to a users profile have been rewritten to use the system messaging system. This means that some styles defined in themes can be removed as they are now redundant.
Anything referencing the #spProfileMessage style can now be safely removed.

New styles for profile display

Some hard coded embedded css styles from some profile elements have been moved to themes so users can style them.

The following rules should be added to your themes CSS file:

    #spMainContainer .spProfileUserPermissions .spColumnSection.spProfilePermissionIcon {
        width: 9%;
        float: left;

    #spMainContainer .spProfileUserPermissions .spColumnSection.spProfilePermissionForum {
        width: 75%;
        float: left;

    #spMainContainer .spProfileUserPermissions .spColumnSection.spProfilePermissionButton {
        width: 15%;
        float: right;

    #spMainContainer .spProfileUserPermissions .spProfilePermission .spAuthCat {
        clear: both;
        font-weight: bold;
        padding: 10px 0 5px 10px;
        text-decoration: underline;

    #spMainContainer .spProfileUserPermissions .spProfilePermission .spColumnSection {
        width: 45%;
        float: left;
        font-size: 0.9em;
        height: auto;

    #spMainContainer .spProfileUserPermissions .spProfilePermission p {
        clear: both;
        text-align: center;

Also a couple of profile elements were changed to enhance display:

    #spMainContainer p.spProfileLabel {
    	margin: 5px 0 0 0;
    	padding: 0;
    	line-height: 1.6em;

    #spMainContainer .spProfileForm label.list,
    #spMainContainer .spProfileForm label.prettyCheckbox span.holderWrap {
    	float: left;
    	margin-top: 1px;
        padding-top: 2px

Fix typo in Shades of Gray Overlay in Default, Stacked and iForum Theme

Change text “soild” to “solid” – Around line #261:

    $userBorderEven	= '2px soild #000000';

should be changed to:

    $userBorderEven	= '2px solid #000000';

Template Changes

Changes to the order of Submit and Cancel buttons

A new option has been added to the display of the submit and cancel buttons on editor forms to control the display order.

To add these to existing themes edit the spForumView.php and spTopicView.php templates.
At the top of each, locate the ‘ADD TOPIC FORM – OBJECT DEFINITION’ (spForumView.php) or – ‘ADD POST FORM – OBJECT DEFINITION’ and ‘EDIT POST FORM – OBJECT DEFINITION’ (spTopicView.php).
These are arrays. Add the following new array element:

	'controlOrder'	=> 'cancel|save',

NOTE: This controls display order of the buttons and the ‘save’ and ‘cancel’ lables are separated by the bar character ‘|’. If this is not found in the theme, the default of ‘Cancel’ on the left and ‘Save’ on the right will be displayed. To swap these around simply change this to ‘save|cancel’.

Allow the Group Name to collapse the Forum Listing

The forum Group Name has been modified to allow it to collapse and expand the forum listing display it contains. This mimics the current collapse/expand icon to its right.

Two new arguments have been added to the template display function:

Template: spGroupView.php
Function: sp_GroupHeaderName()

Arguments added:

	'toggleTagId' => 'spGroupOpenClose%ID%',
	'collapse' => 1,

Note the default of 1 means the option is turned on by default To turn off simply send the ‘collapse’ argument equal to zero.

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