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Theme Changes 5.7.0

If you have created a custom theme then this will not be automatically updated when you upgrade Simple:Press to a new version. If you would like to take advantage of any new features that 5.7.0 offers then these notes outline the main changes. We recommend that you use an editor that has good file compare functionality so that you can easily see these changes in your theme and apply any desired changes to your own if you choose to do so.

Your theme should continue to work using Simple:Press 5.7.0 without making any changes. Our goal has been not to disturb custom themes but sometimes this is beyond our control. Where this happen – or if you wish to take advantage of new features, some changes will be required. Sometimes, sadly, changes are forced upon us by modifications to core WordPress.

If you find changes needed are extensive, we would recommend you change form a custom theme to a child theme, which will avoid the majority – but not all – of changes needed in the future.

Modifications to Existing Templates

Profile Photos Display – ALL Themes

If you are allowing Profile Photos to be uploaded and displayed, the spProfileShow.php template – and template function:


has, by default, had all arguments removed so is now simply and literally:


MyCred Points – Reboot

If you are using the MyCred plugin the points are displayed on a mobile device but were inadvertently omitted from the desktop view. To add this edit the spTopicViewDesktop.php template:

The recommended location would be immediately after the call to the function sp_PostIndexCubePoints() – add:

if (function_exists('sp_PostIndexMyCred')) sp_PostIndexMyCred('tagClass=spPostUserMyCred spCenter', __sp('MyCred '), __sp('MyCred'));

CSS Additions and Changes

Links Cursor – All Themes

All themes contain a ‘base-reset.css’ or ‘reset.css’ file in the styles folder.

This will contain the following ruleset:
#spMainContainer a,
#spMainContainer a:link,
#spMainContainer a:active,
#spMainContainer a:visited

Add the following CSS rule to this rulesest block:

	cursor: pointer;

Profile Photos – Formatting – All Themes

All references to the class:


have been completely removed from all themes as no longer required or used.

Correction to the Search Link – Reboot and BareBones

A closing comma was inadvertently omitted from the #spMainContainer .spSearchLink ruleset.

This is corrected by adding the missing comma after the ‘:active’ rule as shown below:

	#spMainContainer .spSearchLink,
	#spMainContainer .spSearchLink a,
	#spMainContainer .spSearchLink:link,
	#spMainContainer .spSearchLink:active,
	#spMainContainer .spSearchLink:visited {

Correction to File Upload Button styling – Reboot

To correct minor positioning and size styling to upload buttons in the editor form, locate the plupload.spcss in the /styles folder and add the following ruleset:

#spMainContainer .spEditorSection.sp_file_uploader a.spPlupEditorAttachments {
	float: left;
	margin-bottom: 0px;
	margin-left: 4px;
	margin-top: 1px;
	font-size: 90%;

Minor Tidy to Topic Status – Reboot

Locate the ruleset for

#spMainContainer .spLabel.spSelect.spTopicStatusLabel

and replace that ruleset with:

#spMainContainer .spLabel.spSelect.spTopicStatusLabel {
	float: left;
	padding-left: 25px;
	font-size: 100%

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