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Theme Changes 5.7.2 (and later) to 6.0.0

If you have created a custom theme then this will not be automatically updated when you upgrade Simple:Press to a new version. If you would like to take advantage of any new features that 6.0.0 offers then these notes outline the main changes. We recommend that you use an editor that has good file compare functionality so that you can easily see these changes in your theme and apply any desired changes to your own if you choose to do so.

Your existing theme will likely NOT work without changes.

If you find changes needed are extensive, we would recommend you change from a custom theme to a child theme, which will avoid the majority – but not all – of changes needed in the future.

Normally, we would include all of the changes needed directly in this document. But given the amount of code that needs to be copied and pasted, we are instead including a link to a .zip file that contains the changes needed for each of our themes.  You can easily copy and paste from that file into your existing custom theme.

The .zip file link below contains the changes you’ll need for the following themes:

  • Barebones
  • Default
  • Reboot
  • Stacked
  • Unified

Click here to download the theme changes text files.

This .zip file contains five text files – one for each of the themes listed above.

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