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Upgrading from Version 5.x to Version 6.x


Upgrading to version 6.x can only be done from version 5.x.  If you have an earlier version you should upgrade to version 5 first and then upgrade to version 6.

We strongly suggest that you read this document in its entirety first before proceeding with your upgrade.  This way you’ll be sure you have all the files and pieces in hand prior to starting.

The Basic Steps

The upgrade from version 5. x to version 6.x will not be started automatically.  Instead you must:

  • Backup your site – this is very very important!  (Ideally, you would perform the upgrade on a staging site first to make sure it works and that all is well.  Then you can perform it on your live site.  If you have custom themes or plugins using a staging site first is even more important!)
  • Deactivate all your existing Simple:Press plugins from the FORUM->PLUGINS screen
  • Temporarily switch to one of the Simple:Press standard, unmodified themes!  Your existing custom theme will likely NOT work with version 6.0 of Simple:Press without modifications
    • Make sure you check the MOBILE PHONE THEME and the MOBILE TABLET THEME to make sure they have been switched to one of the Simple:Press standard unmodified themes as well.
  • Deactivate Simple:Press from your WordPress PLUGINS screen
  • Download the version 6.x zip file from
  • Unzip the file and upload to your existing simple-press folder on your WordPress server (generally located under /wp-content/plugins/simple-press), overwriting the existing files
  • Rename the /wp-content/plugins/simple-press folder to /wp-content/plugins/simplepress (this step is necessary if you want to continue to get automatic updates for the free core plugin)
  • Go to your WordPress PLUGINS screen and reactivate the Simple:Press plugin
  • Navigate to the FORUMS menu option
  • Click the UPGRADE button to run the upgrade process  (this will likely take a few mins to complete)
  • Next, proceed to the THEME and PLUGIN update section below – you will need to install at least one 6.0 compatible theme before you are able to view your forum on the front-end.

Theme and Plugin Updates

Theme and plugin updates are handled differently depending on whether you purchased your themes/plugins before July 2015 or after July 2015.  After July 2015, all your plugins and theme purchases are recorded in our store.  Before that date we have no record of your theme and plugin downloads that were made under your old support memberships.  Even if you purchased support memberships after 2015, we will only have records of plugins/themes you downloaded if you did them after July 2015.  Old downloads prior to July 2015 are not reflected in our records.

For Plugin and Theme Purchases AFTER July 2015

Handling Plugin Upgrades

All your plugins MUST be updated to the latest versions.  This means downloading new files directly from our store.

Once you have downloaded the files you should unzip them one by one and upload them to your Simple:Press plugins folder. Alternatively, you can delete your plugins from the FORUM->PLUGINS screen and then upload the new ones.

After all plugin files have been uploaded you can navigate to the FORUMS->PLUGINS screen to reactivate them.  We recommend that you reactivate them one at a time, testing as you go to make sure they work as you expect.

Handling Theme Upgrades

As with plugins, all your themes MUST be updated to the latest versions.  This means downloading new files directly from our store.

Once you have downloaded the files you should unzip them one by one and upload them to your Simple:Press themes folder.

Alternatively, you can delete your themes from the FORUM->THEMES screen and then upload the new ones.

  • If you decide to go this route, then chances are your active theme is still a 5.x theme.  So you need to upload at least one 6.x compatible theme first, switch to it and then delete the 5.x compatible theme.  After that you can upload all your other themes

For purchases made BEFORE July 2015

We have no record of purchases made before July 2015 so you will need your existing 5.x compatible plugin and theme files which will act as your proof of purchase for this upgrade cycle.

Leave your existing 5.x compatible plugins and themes installed but do NOT activate them!

  • Go to your FORUM->TOOLBOX->HOUSE KEEPING screen
  • Click on FLUSH XML API Cache
  • Navigate to the WordPress UPDATES page – you should see updates available for your existing installed plugins and themes.

After they have been updated you can re-enable them in the FORUM->PLUGINS and FORUM->THEMES screen.  We recommend that you enable them one by one, testing each feature as you turn them on.

Please note: Once you perform this upgrade to your add-ons, all future updates go through our store – which means you will need a license for future updates.  The 6.x line has been out for a while now and we need to keep the product moving forward by removing legacy code. 

Custom Themes

To upgrade your custom themes please read this item in our documentation library: Theme Changes 6.0.0

Misc Clean Up Tasks

After all the basics look good you should do the following:

  • Go to FORUM->TOOLBOX->LICENSING to enter in your license key(s) for your premium add-ons and activate them (so you can receive future updates).


If you want to make sure you can get the best support from us with your update, you should make a backup of your site with Updraft Plus before starting your upgrade. Unlike most backup plugins,  Updraft Plus uses standard zip files.  After the backup is done, download the zip files to your local machine.  Then, if support is needed and we request a pre-upgrade copy of your site, you can just send us the .zip files. We will use these files to restore your site on our support servers for testing and debugging.

Upgrade Services

Because of the manual nature of this upgrade, we are offering a fixed price service to perform the upgrade for you. If you have not customized your Simple:Press plugins and themes, we can upgrade most sites for a fixed fee of $199.00. If you are interested in this service, we will need to get some information from you to see if your site qualifies for this flat rate. Please drop us a note at to find out more.


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