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Simple:Press comes with a default plain text editor if you want more features there are 3 different ones you can choose to add to your site.  They can be added singly or all can be made available.  There are a  TinyMCE Rich Text editor plugin a QuickTags – BBCode editor and a HTML editor.

By default Simple:Press uses the Plain Text Editor for post entry. After installing one or more of the editor plugins you can setup which one is the default used by new members and you can allow members to choose which one they use.

Configure Default Editor

After installing any of the editor plugins the default editor must be configured for new members. This is done on the Forum Administration page – -Options – Global Settings. There you will see a list of the editors available. Select the one that is to be the default.


How Members choose their Editor

In each members Profile page under the Options tab – Edit Posting options they will see a list of you installed editors and the default editor. They can choose which one they prefer to use.


Only  the installed editors and the default Plain Text editors will be shown.

Available Editors

  • Plugin: Quicktags BBCode Editor
  • Plugin Description - This plugin is a for using a simple BBCode editor based on WordPress ‘Quicktags’  which features one-click buttons that insert code for the post author. Bulletin Board Code or BBCode is a lightweight markup language used to f...
  • Plugin: Quicktags HTML Editor
  • 64Plugin Description - This Simple:Press plugin is a basic HTML editor based on WordPress ‘Quicktags’ which features one-click buttons that insert code for you. This editor allows the direct edit of the HTML in posts and pages. This editing mode is ...
  • Plugin: TinyMCE Editor
  • Plugin Description Plugin: TinyMCE Editor - This Simple:Press plugin adds the The TinyMCE rich text editor to the forum. TinyMCE is a  WYSIWYG and more type of editor. Plugin Features Installing this Simple:Press plugin adds: A new Editor ...


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