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Plugin: Topic ID Permalink

Plugin Description

Plugin: Topic ID Permalink – A Simple:Press plugin that forces the use of the topic ID as the topic slug instead of the title on new topics.

Plugin Features

  • Allows topic IDs in the forum topic permalinks instead of the more usual, default, topic names. This is useful because some languages, namely unicode and other image type languages (i.e. japanese, chinese, etc.) end up with no characters for the title because WordPress strips them out resulting in the loss of necessary information.
  • Topics and reply posts in place before activation of the plugin continue to use topic names/titles.
  • New reply posts for topics in place before activation of the plugin continue to use topic names/titles.

Plugin Requirements

Requires Simple:Press version 5.3.0 and above.

The plugin must be activated before it is operational.

As part of the installation, a “Topic ID Permalink” section is added to the Plugin Management panel under the forum Admin menu – Plugins/Available Plugins. From this panel the Topic ID Permalink plugin can be activated, deactivated, or deleted.

There are no permissions or forum specific changes required with this plugin. The change applies to all forums on the site.

Plugin Installation and Activation

Please see Using Plugins on how to obtain and install the Topic ID Permalink plugin. As mentioned there the default location for plugin folders is …/wp-content/sp-resources/forum-plugins. If this path is changed, it is important to note that the plugin’s folder and its content need to reside in the forum plugins folder wherever it has been moved and however it has been renamed. See Storage Locations for more information.

Activation is accomplished from the Admin Dashboard panel menu by selecting Forum/Plugins. On the Simple:Press Administration page menu, click “Plugins” to open the Plugins drop-down menu, and select “Available Plugins”. Select the “Topic ID Permalink” plugin on the “Plugin Management” panel and click on “Activate”. The “Activate/Delete” label changes to “Deactivate”. To deactivate the plugin, click on “Deactivate”. The “Deactivate” label changes to “Activate/Delete”.

Plugin Administrative Options

The forum admin does not have any administrative options that must be set with this plugin.

Plugin Language Translation

A plugin’s message strings can be translated from English to other languages and then the translation displayed if language translation files are available. Some plugins may not have such files. The Topic ID Permalink plugin does not have language translation files because there are no strings to translate.

Information regarding downloading language files, “mo’ language file placement, and translation (language localization) is found at Localization.

More information is available regarding translation files at Simple:Press Translations. On the base page, select the “Getting Started Guide” link for basics about it’s use. On that page, select the “register a username here” link to obtain a password to the site. Use the “Contact Form” link to request the desired language if it is not currently available. The “Contact Form” link may also be used to volunteer to be a validator for a translation project.

Plugin Usage

Users do not have actions associated with the plugin.

Plugin Special Notes

The permalink for an pre-activation topic or reply post might be:
http://…/?page_id=104/forum name/topic name post #
http://…/?page_id=104/Purchases/Tools#p67 where topic name = Tools and post # = 67.

The permalink for a post-activation topic and its replies might be:
http://…/?page_id=104/forum name/topic ID post #
http://…/?page_id=104/Purchases/45#p67 where topic ID = 45 and post # = 67

Template Tags used in the Plugin

There are no Template Tags available for this plugin that allows you to further customize it’s usage or otherwise customize your website.

Actions and Hooks Used in the Plugin

There are no Actions and Hooks available in the plugin.

Plugin and Template Tag Changelog

Since Simple:Press version 5.3.0

Codex page sync’d to code version 5.5.2.

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