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Simple_Press How To Get A Free Silver Subscription

Unfortunately this offer is no longer available – the project is in full swing at this point with all volunteer slots filled.


We just finished up an analysis of what new functions our customers require from Simple:Press where we learned that the most wanted feature was a new, more modern/simpler theme.

Accordingly we have embarked on a project to build a new Simple:Press theme. But we need our users to work with our design firm to provide feedback on design prototypes. Unlike our prior themes, the process for building this one is more formalized. The hope is that we end up with a theme that is leaps and bounds above the competition.

For users who volunteer to participate in feedback sessions, we will provide a free 1 year Simple:Press Silver Subscription (which currently grants access to all our themes and plugins). This subscription usually costs $99.00 per year but you can get one year (or a new subscription) free by participating!

Users who currently have a subscription can have their subscription extended by one year for participating as well.


We are working within strict timelines, hoping to get mock-ups finished in April. Thus, we are looking for users who will be available to be interviewed by our designers on Fridays and Saturdays in April.

Each user will be needed for two interviews lasting one hour per session. It is a total of two hours of time commitment in April. Each hour will be on a different weekend – it will not be two hours on the same weekend.

Types of Users

We are looking for two types of users – our customers and the users of our customers forums. In other words, YOU and YOUR CUSTOMERS – two distinctive groups of users. We are looking for an even mix of both. So if you run a forum and can get your users to participate in our user feedback sessions, that would be amazing.

We are looking for a total of 15 users. Yes, this means that we are giving away 15 one-year Silver Subscriptions! (Can you tell that we are very serious about this project?)

Time Commitment

Each interview on each Friday or Saturday in April will last for 1 hour and can be conducted remotely via Zoom Video Conference if necessary. However, it would be great if we can get some users who are located in Chicago so we can have some in-person feedback.

As mentioned earlier, users will be obligated to participate in only two sessions in April – a total of 2 hours of time, spread out between two weekends.

How To Participate

We have created an interview form that anyone interested in participating should first complete. We will select 15 users from the pool of respondents.

The criteria for selection will be a combination of: availability, experience with Simple:Press (looking for both new users and experienced users), location (in-person preferred but we know that’s a long-shot), user type (we want Simple:Press admins and Simple:Press end users) and industry.

If you have any questions before filling out the form, just drop us a note via our contact form.

Awarding The Free Silver Subscriptions

Once the interviews are over at the end of April we will contact all participants to arrange for the Silver subscription to be added to their accounts.

Can’t Participate But Still Want To Help The Simple:Press Project?

We know that many of you might not be able to participate but might still want to help. If so, please consider writing a 5 star review for us on The more users that write reviews, the more new users will eventually try the free version of Simple:Press. And that ultimately strengthens the entire Simple:Press ecosystem – both free and premium.

Note: Writing a review does not grant any kind of free subscription or any other compensation. Doing so would be, well, unethical.

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