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Purchase and Membership Terms and Conditions


All references to simple-press.com in this Registration and Membership Terms & Conditions Policy are deemed to encompass all websites and sub-domains operated by Simple:Press.  This includes simple-press.com and glotpress.simple-press.com

Non-Member Access

Registration and membership of simple-press.com is optional. Visitors to simple-press.com may freely access many parts of the website and can download the latest core release of the Simple:Press forum plugin for WordPress from WordPress.org.

Member Access

Signing up for membership of simple-press.com grants access in line with the selected plan as outlined in Our Pricing Plans. The selected plan dictates access rules and remains in force for the specified duration of membership and is revoked upon its expiration.

For many general questions you may find that our Purchase FAQ  or Support FAQ can supply the answer.

Please note that in this document (and elsewhere on our site) the term “membership” and “subscription” are synonymous and refer to the same set of plans unless otherwise specified.

Simple:Press License

The free core Simple:Press forum plugin for WordPress is made available under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. We strongly encourage all users to read the full terms of the license which is distributed with the plugin download.

Refund Requests

We encourage all prospective members to be sure of their commitment prior to signing up for membership of simple-press.com and/or purchasing themes and plugins. In particular it is important to check the System Requirements to ensure your website is capable of using the plugin. Membership refunds will not be automatically made due to such incompatibilities.

Downloading and using the free core Simple:Press plugin does not require membership and refunds will not be automatically made simply on the grounds that the plugin is not what the member expected. You are responsible for making that decision prior to signing up for membership.

Refund requests will be considered only for individual items. Bundles such as SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM, ALL THEMES or ALL PLUGINS are NON REFUNDABLE.  (This is because you will get almost all our products with those bundles and a refund request effectively means you get most of our products for FREE.)  

Refund requests for individual items will be considered up to 14 days after purchase.  No refunds will be issued after 14 days.

Changes in Plugins and Themes; Plugins and Theme retirement

The functional scope and system requirements of the free Simple:Press plugin, as well as any premium plugin or theme can be changed AT ANY TIME and for any reason.  We also reserve the right to completely remove a free or premium plugin or theme from our product catalog at any time and for any reason.  If this situation occurs, refunds will NOT be offered since membership offers benefits beyond just a single theme or plugin.

Bugs and Security

No software application is ever completely bug-free but our commitment is to correct reported bugs as quickly as possible and to issue timely updates and/or patches where appropriate. Where a patch is not immediately possible we will do our best to provide a workaround.

From time to time it may be necessary to release a security update to the Simple:Press core or one of it’s plugins. Such updates will be notified in the WordPress plugins and WordPress update pages. It is up to our individual members to take advantage of updating their version in a timely manner once such a release and notification has been issued. Simple-press.com can take no responsibility for a members failure to keep their software up to date.


Simple-press.com takes your privacy very seriously and we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy available from the link at the bottom of our support forum.

Contacting Us

If you need to contact us regarding the simple-press.com website, it’s content or statements declared in this registration and membership policy, please use the ‘Contact Us’ email form available from our website sidebar.

Changes to this Policy

These Registration and Membership Terms and Conditions will be kept under constant review and may change from time to time. If at any time membership conditions change, we will update this policy accordingly.

Change Log

01-15-2019: Added a new section titled Changes in Plugins and Themes; Plugins and Theme retirement.  Other minor updates to grammar.

12-05-2018:  Updated some existing links and added some new ones to FAQ pages.

11-29-2018:  Updated refund policy section to clarify that bundles are non-refundable but individual purchases are refundable after 14 days.