Simple:Press Mentions In Publications Around The Web

Simple:Press has been around a long time.  As such, it has been mentioned in many "forum roundup" articles over the years.  Here are just a few of those - though, be warned, some of them are very old!


10+ Best Question & Answer Plugins for WordPress 2019

Published on Significant Quote It can easily be adapted for adjusted for use on large as well as small forums. The plugin makes use of templates and themes to allow easy customization. Being extremely lightweight, Simple:Press reduces the load on the server while executing.


8 Best WordPress Forum Plugins In 2019

Published on Significant Quote Simple Press is one of the best WordPress forum plugin that allows you to craft either a small forum or a robust public arena. What’s more is that it is really light, fast and simple to use. The themes and templates let you customize your forum exactly to your liking.


The Best WordPress Forum Plugins for Online Communities

Published on Significant Quote Simple:Press is a free third party plugin that can scale to match the needs of any forum. It comes with a huge plugin library, which you can use to add functions. The plugin is light and fast and enables you to create subforums and moderate comments. It integrates with many…


The Complete Guide to Running a WordPress Forum

Published on Significant Quote Whether you need a small private forum or a large public discussion board, Simple:Press is a great feature-rich solution that will scale to the needs of your community.


9 Best WordPress Forum Plugins for Community Building

Published on Significant Quote SimplePress lets you run all the features of a forum without you having to burn a big hole in your pocket. You get features that you might want by default like unread post handling at a user level, user signatures, avatar uploads, spoiler tags etc. If you need an all-rounder…


9 Best WordPress Forum Plugins to Build an Online Community

Published on Significant Quote Regardless of whether you’re thinking about setting up a private forum or a large, public discussion platform, SimplePress is the go-to solution. It’ll integrate seamlessly with your existing WordPress website and scale as your online community grows.


5 Plugins to Add a Forum to Your WordPress Blog

Published on Significant Quote Simple also includes a lot of the typical forum features you might want by default, like unread post handling at a user level, forum ranks and badges, avatar uploads, user signatures, spoiler tags, custom emojis, forum stats, and more.


WordPress Forum Plugins Review

Published on Significant Quote bbPress for WordPress forum is more suitable for beginners who want simple WordPress forum solutions. However if you are an advanced users who like to make a more professional forum using WordPress, you may consider Simple:Press WordPress forum plugin.


12 Best WordPress Forum Plugin Options for Community Building

Posted on Significant Quote The plugin is completely free, and the company has a nice forum of their own to guide you through the process of setting it up and managing it in the future.You can upload and pull in Gravatars for all your users, rank people with certain badges, moderate each post and…


Top 11 Ways To Add A Forum To Your WordPress Website

Posted on Significant Quote Other features include ranking and badges for users, image thumbnails, signatures, avatars, search, forum stats, and standard admin tools. You can also set custom icons, custom smileys, “spoilers,” shortcodes, and email notifications. It also works with multisite and allows for the creation of permissions, user groups, private forums, private RSS…


Simple:Press: A Fully Scalable Forum Plugin for WordPress

Posted on Significant Quote Many of you might be wondering why you might use the SimplePress plugin instead of bbPress, which seems to be the standard around these parts. Simple:Press has more features built in. While bbPress is widely used and has a large community of people contributing, many of its add-on features are…


3 Of The Best WordPress Forum Plugins

Published on Significant Quote Once installed, the administration pages for your forum are incredibly complicated; this is designed for the power user, certainly not for the typical WordPress user. Simple:Press it may be called, but simple it is anything but – even I found it overwhelming (perhaps I’ve just been using Apple products for…


Simple:Press – A Simple Way to Integrate WordPress with Forums

Published on Significant Quote I have been looking for a plugin like this for a while and I hope to have a use for this plugin in the near future. The plugin looks great, its easy to install, and its already integrated with WordPress, these are just a few of the things I like…


Plugin Review: Simple:Press Forum

Published on Significant Quote(s) Simple:Press is a feature rich forum plugin for WordPress. It fully integrates into your WP based site utilizing the same user records and database and displaying on a single WP page. It is fully customizable and comes with a number of skins and sets of icons to get your started.…