Simple:Press Member Subscriptions Plugin

Collect one-time and recurring payments for memberships and subscriptions.

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General Membership Features

Everything you need to create premium membership sites on WordPress

  • Unlimited Membership Levels

    Set up as many membership levels as you like, each with their own prices, trial periods and optional recurring payment periods. 

  • Content Restriction

    Restrict content by membership levels.  Your posts and pages can be assigned to one or more levels.

  • Email Notifications

    Admins and users are notified via email about important membership events. And, of course, you can customize the content of your messages.

  • Multiple Membership Types

    Need recurring subscriptions?  We got that.  One-time payments?  We have that too.  Installment plans? Yup.  Custom trial periods?  uh huh.  Discount codes, donations and more are also supported.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways

    Support the most popular payment gateways - Stripe and Paypal.

  • Integrations

    Integrated with MailChimp, Slack and Zapier.

Content Restriction Features

Extensive content restriction options keep you in control

  • Posts and Page

    Specify restriction levels on each Post and Page.  Posts and Pages can allow access to multiple membership levels.

  • Custom Post Types

    Do you have custom post types being displayed on your site via a standard WordPress Loop? Then you can restrict access by membership levels on them too!

  • Custom Restriction Messages

    Set up a custom message for users who are not allowed access to a piece of content.  Use it to encourage them to sign-up.

  • Custom Messages By Role

    Set up separate messages for logged in users and logged out users when they try to access restricted content.  Logged out users can be encouraged to sign in or sign up.  Logged in users can be encouraged to upgrade if they don't have the appropriate access level

  • Content Restriction Shortcode

    Need only a part of a page or post to be restricted?  Then use the membership short-code to wrap around content that should only be available to certain membership levels.  Leave content outside of that short-code as a 'teaser'.  

  • WordPress Roles

    Assign each membership level a unique role.  Use the unique role in other plugins to further restrict access to those plugin features (many plugins offer access control via WordPress roles).

  • Menu Restrictions

    Build out custom menus by role.  Show and hide individual menu items based on the whether the user is logged in, logged out or has a particular membership active.

  • Drip Content

    Release content to users over time.  Content that is dripped will not be released to the user until the specified period has passed after their signup date.

Billing Options and Revenue Enhancement Features

Set up billing for your customers your way

  • Recurring Memberships

    This is the option most website operators prefer - a recurring payment membership.  You can offer recurring payments by month or year and, if you need it, by day and week as well!

  • Flat Price Memberships

    The most basic membership you can offer is a single price for life-time access. 

  • Discount Codes

    Issue discount codes that can be restricted to level, number of users and date ranges.  Our discount codes can often be used instead of setting up new membership levels for special events and offers.

  • Fixed Expiration Dates

    Create membership levels that automatically expire on a set date regardless of when the user signed up.  This works well when you're offering education courses that end on a particular date.

  • Initial Fee

    Collect an initial registration fee which could be different from your recurring fee.  This allows you to charge a different price for your first month/period of the membership.

  • Trial Periods

    You can, of course, set up a free trial period.  Or use the initial period to charge a small fee for the trial.

  • Donations

    Setup membership levels that collect donations instead of a fixed payment.  Use with badges to indicate your more generous donors!

  • Fixed Start Dates

    Start all users for a membership on the same date regardless of when they signed up.  This great for educational courses that start on a particular date.

  • Installment Payments

    Let your users pay in installments - for example, collect 6 equal payments for your educational course.

  • User Choices For Recurring Billing

    Allow users the choice via a checkbox to opt into recurring billing.  Or not  - you can force all billing to be automatically recurring by disabling the checkbox.

  • Variable Pricing

    Let users pay their own price within the minimum and maximum levels you set.  

  • Sales Promotions

    Set up sales that are promoted across your site via banners and linked into landing pages and discount codes.  Automatically start and stop sales on specified dates.

User and Member Accounts

Let users help themselves!

  • Basic Account Features

    User account pages offer options for upgrading, changing billing information, links to payments and more.  Everything they might need to manage their accounts.

  • Membership Cards

    Users can print membership cards directly from inside their account page.

  • Private Pages

    Users can be set-up to have private pages automatically generated.  This allows for a place to privately communicate with your users including adding links to files you upload and more.

  • Membership Landing Pages

    Users can be directed to a page unique to their membership level whenever they try to access the normal website home page (if they're logged into the site).

  • Admin Adds

    Admins can add users directly in wp-admin and assign them a membership level. This works great if you're taking off-line payments.

Security Features

Additional layers in your website defense against malicious actors

  • Restricted Emails

    Prevent designated email addresses from signing up.  

  • Restricted User Names

    Prevent designated user names from purchasing memberships.

  • Lock Membership Levels

    You can set an option to prevent users from switching between membership levels.  

  • Validated Emails

    Require that users validate their emails before their memberships are activated.

  • Membership Approvals

    Require that all memberships be manually approved by an admin before they are activated.

  • reCaptcha

    Use Google's reCapcha service to prevent spam signups

  • Force Strong Passwords

    Set an option that forces the use of a strong password when signing up for a membership


Customizable emails for many WordPress and Member Manager events.

  • Default Header/Salutation

    Set a default salutation or header for all emails.  Eg: <p>Dear !!name!!,</p>. You can optionally disable this.

  • Default Footer/Sign-off

    Set a default footer or sign-off message for all emails.  You can optionally disable this.

  • Billing Emails

    Emails are sent to the user and to the admin when billing information is updated or a billing event has failed.

  • New Content

    For drip series, emails can be sent when new content is released in the series for the user.

  • Checkout Confirmations

    Configure separate confirmations for each gateway you use.  And, separate confirmations for FREE, PAID and TRIAL memberships.

  • Cancellation Emails

    Emails are sent to the user and admin when a membership is cancelled.

  • Invoice

    An invoice email can be configured to be sent to the end-user as needed.

  • Admin Membership Changes

    Send an email to the end user when an admin manual changes their membership level.

  • Expiration Emails

    Emails are sent for expired memberships and expiring trials.

  • Approvals

    If memberships require admin approvals then various approval emails are sent including those informing the user of their approval or denial of membership.

  • Recurring Billing Reminder

    Users can be sent recurring billing reminders so they aren't surprised by a credit-card charge.

Payment Gateways And Integrations

SPMS plays nicely with the following gateways and services

  • Integration: MailChimp

    Add users to a MailChimp audience (list) when they register on your site.  Optionally remove them when memberships expire.

  • Integration: Zapier

    Export your data in real-time to other systems using Zapier.  

  • Integration: Slack

    Send notifications of sales to your Slack channel.

  • Paypal Standard

    Integrate with Paypal Standard for credit card and Paypal payments

  • Paypal Express

    Use Paypal Express as an option in combination with a non-paypal on-site gateway such as Stripe.

  • Check Payments

    Special workflow options to make it easier to process manual payments received via paper check and wire.

  • Stripe

    Stripe is our recommended and preferred payment gateway.  It is supported in many countries and plays well with most other plugins.

Reporting and Misc

Reporting and other features we couldn't classify elsewhere

  • Revenue Reports

    View revenue in daily/monthly/annual buckets as well as by membership and sales promotions.

  • Public Goals

    Display sales goals on the front-end of your site.  Very useful when you might be raising money for charity or running a sales promotion that ends after a number of users have signed up.

  • Taxes and Vats

    Collect sales tax and VAT as necessary

  • Cancellation Reason

    Force users to enter a cancellation reason when they cancel their account.

  • Expire Membership Levels

    Disable membership levels - users will not be able to sign up for a membership level if its been disabled.

  • Hide Membership Levels

    Prevent membership levels from being shown as active to end users. These are still active levels - just not shown as an option on the standard sign-up page.

Ready To Purchase?

Prices start at $99.00 (limited time offer, regular prices start at $199.00)


  • What is the difference between this plugin and your other plugins (Simple:Press Forums and Simple:Press Member Manager)?

    Simply put, this plugin provides functions for PAID memberships - whether one-time payments or recurring payments. 

    Simple:Press Member Manager allows you to create great website registration and workflows that can vary based on different users and some social networking and user collaboration functions.  While there is some overlap in functionality with this plugin, most of the member management and community functions are not present in SPMS.

    Simple:Press Forums is a full-blown forum plugin with deep forum functionality developed over 12+ years.  It has some overlap in functionality with Simple:Press Member Manager but almost no overlap with SPMS. 


  • Will it work with my theme?

    SPMS works with most themes.  Generally, as long as the theme is coded to WordPress standards, the plugin will work with it without issues.  But because there are 10,000+ themes out there we know there will be a few that present issues, especially older themes or themes that do not have a version in the repository.  If you run into one of these please let us know!

  • How is this plugin different from Paid Memberships Pro?

    This plugin is a fork of the Paid Membership Pro plugin under the GPL V2 license so many of the features are similar.  The differences include deep integration with our Simple:Press Forums and Member Manager plugin and dozens of tweaks and fixes.

    With this fork we are creating a customer and member focused product suite maintained by one vendor to ensure that everything works well together. From user registrations to paid memberships to community building and customer support, everything you need to service your customers is available from one vendor - no more finger-pointing!