Survey Results – And Our Plans

We sent out a survey last week asking our users to let us know what we should be building next. Here are the results from that survey and our plans for using those results.

We would like offer a HUGE “Thank You” to all of our users who responded to this survey. While the survey is still open, the preliminary results provide clear direction on what you are looking for us to build.

Survey Results

Analysis Of Results

From the table above, you can see that Themes, Mobile Apps and Social Interfaces are the top three items that our users are requesting.

By combining the results of the two options for themes, we see that a new Theme is the number one requested item in the Survey.

Closely following that is the desire for a mobile app across the two dominant Mobile OS Platforms (iOS and Android).

Wrapping up the top three results is the idea of an Activity Stream option in the vein of Facebook/Twitter.

Our Plans

We will immediately start to work on a new theme that can be modern and simple. It will likely be more modern with the ability to present a simpler user interface to end users.

However, to build this, we will need strong input from our user base. So look for some additional communications around this starting later this week!

And, if you haven’t filled out the Survey yet, you can still do that now by going here: Survey.

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