WordPress Insurance: Who Do You Call When Your Site Goes Down?

Do you have a person?

You know, the person you can call on right away when something goes wrong with your WordPress website?

If your website brings in a portion of your business revenue, then you need a person.

A person who can be available in a few hours, preferably in as little as 60 minutes.

And that person cannot be the person that built your website – because chances are they’re off building someone else’s website. Which means that maintenance of existing websites or putting out fires is something that they consider a distraction and not something that they particularly enjoy doing.

Which means you still need a person.

Off-topic requests

As a WordPress plugin vendor we get all kinds of requests for help. Over 30% of the requests we receive relate to WordPress issues and have nothing to do with our plugin. So, we’ve seen and continue to see the demand for this kind of “off-topic” help in our support inboxes.

As it turns out, many businesses need a web person that they can call on in an emergency.

Which is why we’ve set up a sister company to help WordPress business owners with general issues that might crop up with their websites.

Introducing GetSupportWP

getsupportwp.com provides three services that are all conceptually very simple:

  1. A “personal” WordPress developer that will handle small tasks such as fixing a css problem or creating landing pages.
  2. An a-la-carte emergency service with 1 hour response time.
  3. A website care service to handle things such as backups and restores, malware cleanup and performance reviews.

As you might expect, the first option (and their flagship option) is expensive. For small businesses with under 60K in revenue each year it probably doesn’t make any financial sense unless its a rapidly growing business.

But the third option is suitable for most businesses. If your website makes one sale a day or sends one lead a day to your business then you at least need a website care plan.

Sometimes the developer who created your site will offer such plans or help you to contract with a 3rd party for a similar plan.

But, sometimes you’re left on your own.

If you’re actively engaged in running your business every day and trying to keep your site up and running without a similar plan in place, then check out the website care plans at getsupportwp.com. Even if you subscribe and never need their emergency service (which would be a GOOD thing), the two 30 min tasks per month that’s included in the basic plan should off-set the costs for most customers.

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