Simple:Press Version 5.5.5 – Now Available

eclipseOk – so the solar eclipse – seen here in the UK yesterday – was, well, yesterday. But hey – it was great to see. Almost as good, I jest, as Simple:Press version 5.5.5 released today!

As always, the latest release of Simple:Press addresses all currently known issues and a few bugs but also adds some exciting new features, some of which may not be that obvious. Like the under the blankets developments to improve rejection of spam bot delivered posts. And the availability of child theme frameworks for all of our available themes. Or the extended caching of some user data for improved performance or the new option to allow users to edit their posts for a pre-set time interval.

Something, we hope, for everyone. Plus a security update that is recommended for all users.

As always you can check out the changes in the change log display in the Simple:Press toolbox. And for those running custom themes, see the theme changes and additions as always on our codex at version 5.5.5 theme changes.

(Note: If, following this update you appear to lose the formatting of your forum page then please take a look at this FAQ to help resolve this which has been caused by a change resulting from a security issue – thanks)

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