Now Available – Simple:Press Version 5.5.2

london-sunsetAs promised, we are pleased to announce that our latest update to Simple:Press – version 5.5.2 – is now available for download.

This is quite a small release and the main developments were outlined in the recent update post Version 5.5.2 – What’s Coming. As always, there are also the usual selection of more minor enhancements, changes and bug fixes – the full list being available in the toolbox change log.

There have been no CSS/Theme changes in this release – just a few changes to template display functions and a couple of new and interesting items. Full details for the curious can be found – as always – in our codex section 5.5.2 Theme Changes.

As a very rough and tentative guide we are planning the next update to coincide with the release of WordPress 4.1 including some specific support for that version – so unless anything major comes along to disrupt that, we are expecting this some time in December.

Here in England we have unarguably had our best summer for several years and while we are now technically well into autumn it is at the end of this very day that we put back the clocks as BST comes to a sad end which for me really does signify summer has passed. I will be drinking a toast to it at sunset.

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Plugin Updates – October 20, 2014

update-pluginThe latest round of plugin updates have just been released and are now available to our users who use them.

Share This

This release is an update since the ShareThis API has changed and they are not autohashing URLs. With this update, by default, we disable autohasing to prevent it from messing up our URLs which already have a hash on them for the post number.

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Simple:Press Version 5.5.2 – What’s Coming

update-newsSince the release of 5.5.1, we have been hard at work on the next incremental version 5.5.2. In this post, I hope to bring you up to speed on 5.5.2 and what is in store for it.

User Deletion – Up until now, when a WP user is deleted, there was only one thing that could happen to forum posts from that user. They would be changed to be from a guest poster by the same name as the original user/poster. In 5.5.2, we now give you more options when a wp user is deleted. You will be able to either delete the posts, assign them to another user, or have them converted to a guest post like current. We have received multiple requests for this over the past few months and frankly, it was past time for more options.

HTML 5 Admin – A couple versions of WP ago, the devs modified the WP admin to be HTML 5 compliant. With 5.5.2, the Simple:Press admin will now also be HTML 5 compliant. This does not mean that a ton of new HTML 5 tags are being used, just that it will validate as HTML 5 instead of throwing a bunch of warnings like it does currently.

New Template Functions – We have added a couple of new template functions for displaying additional information. There will be a new tag for displaying the admins and moderators currently viewing a topic. We have also added a generic new tag for displaying a text labels.

TinyMCE On Profile Signature Form – This one may be a bit premature, but its in our plans. That is to reinstate TinyMCE onto the signature profile form so users can have WYSIWYG when editing/creating their signatures. It only partially worked previously, so it was removed because the WP editor (TinyMCE) really doesn’t like being generated after the DOM has been filled. So we currently have it back to the state it was when removed (partially working) with couple minor improvements. But, it still doesn’t work if the signature form is loaded multiple times (same as it worked before). So we will continue to work it and make a decision on keeping the wp editor or not if it remains as is.

Bug Fixes – As normal with a point release, this version will be mostly about bug fixes. The above items are new features but thus far we have squashed a couple dozen bugs or notices.

WP 4.1 is currently scheduled for mid December. It again includes some modifications that will require some compatibility changes to Simple Press, so getting 5.5.2 out there will allow us to clear the decks for the WP 4.1 support. Which means that our following version 5.5.3, will release in conjunction with WP 4.1.

If all continues to plan, we will be releasing 5.5.2 next weekend, October 25th.

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Plugin Updates – October 5, 2014

update-pluginToday, we have released updates to 29 of our plugins for Simple Press. The vast majority of these plugin updates were simply updating all the admin panels so that they validate in HTML 5. A couple of releases ago, the WP developers updated the WordPress admin pages to be fully HTML 5 compliant. These release today bring our admin panels in line and they now fully validate in HTML 5.

One notable plugin update today is:

Private Messaging

This release corrects and issue with the auto removal of private messages after specified number of days.

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New Plugin For Enhanced Search Results



Today, we are happy to announce the release of the new enhanced search results plugin. This enhanced search plugin displays search results by post instead of by topic and has the searched keywords highlighted within the post. This plugin has been running on our support site for a couple months now with great feedback. The plugin also includes the Blog Search plugin functionality as well. With the release of this new Search plugin, the Blog Search plugin has been sunset and any updates to it will be incorporated as part of the Search plugin.

So grab your copy of the Search plugin and start searching!

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