WordPress 3.9.0 and Simple:Press 5.4.2 Land Together

wineWell it was a bit of a scramble but we got there pretty quickly I think. We never get any warning when the WordPress team will pull the trigger on a new release and in these cases where we know that Simple:Press needs to be updated immediately afterwards it is easy to be caught off-guard or – in my case – asleep!

It may not show too much on the outside but under the hood WordPress has changed a lot and you will need to upgrade both. This is particularly true of the TinyMCE Editor plugin where the old one will simply stop functioning.

Along with the two new plugins announced last week – MyCred Extended Integration and Achievements Integration, many other Simple:Press plugins were made available last night and we do recommend that everyone takes a look at their WordPress update admin page and, if updating to WP 3.9.0, run the update for all of the Simple:Press releases as well.

As always there have been some theme changes. A few of these were necessary because of changes to the WordPress CSS and some are small display tweaks but might be worth working through if you run a custom Simple:Press theme. Apologies for there being so many this time around. You can find the details, as always, on the Codex Theme Changes 5.4.2 page.

Finally and again – as always – you can check the change log for 5.4.2 under the Simple:Press Toolbox > Change Log panel. Note that you can do this before you upgrade if desired.

So I am off now to have a well earned glass of red to toast the end of another development cycle and to welcome in the next.

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You Can’t Please All Of The People All Of The Time

Since March 10th, 2012, we have been asking for a small membership fee to access our support forums, codex and to download plugins and themes. The reason we implemented this membership model was revealed in a post on that date which you can read here.

Was the move successful? Well the good news is we are still here, still continuing to develop Simple:Press and still full of ideas of where we want to go next. And while we wont retire rich we do earn enough now to cover costs and to perhaps enjoy the odd glass of wine!

public-accessBut every now and then – and don’t get me wrong because this is a good thing – we do get some criticism of our ‘business’ model with alternative strategies being suggested or even recommended. And the curious thing is – they are nearly always quite different from those suggested before. Seems no two people can agree on what is the best way to do this – proving the sentiment in the title of this post!

But one thing has stood out and that is the suggestion that we have at least one forum available for non-members to ask some general questions about Simple:Press that they would like answers to before they sign up for a membership. So, starting today, we are launching a ‘Non-Members Area’ forum for just this purpose. We can not offer support through this forum – for obvious reasons – but will try and answer anything else within reason.

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New Plugins for MyCred and Achievements

If all goes to plan, some time over the next week WordPress 3.9 will hit the streets and that means that we will be releasing our own update – 5.4.2 – which will be needed by all of our users updating their WP. We will also – at that time, be releasing a few updated plugins that are also dependent upon WordPress 3.9.0. But in the middle of those will be a couple of new plugins which have had to be held back for these releases. And these are Simple:Press support for the popular WordPress MyCred and Achievements plugins.

MyCred Extended Integration

mycredSeveral of our users have been telling us for a while that the once popular – and Simple:Press supported – CubePoints plugin seems to be currently unsupported and that the new kid on the block and the one we need to look to for the future is MyCred.

Creator Gabriel Merovingi had already incorporated support for Simple:Press in his plugin which was great news to us. MyCred points could already be earned for creating forum topics and posts.

What we have done now is extend the opportunities for MyCred points into other areas of Simple:Press. So our first release of our new MyCred Extended Integration plugin adds myCred support into our Answers Topic, Birthdays, Polls, Post Rating and Post Thanks plugins. And we welcome suggestions or requests to build extra support in the future. Just let us know where you would like it.

Achievements Integration

achievementsAnother popular WordPress plugin – Achievements – is the second of our two new plugins awaiting release.

In this case author Paul Gibbs has not put in place basic support for Simple:Press – to quote him ‘his money is on bbPress’ so we understand why! – so we have kicked this off with basic support for creating new forum topics and new forum posts.

As with our extended MyCred plugin – we are always happy to look at other options that may be suitable for inclusion as achievement targets. Just raise it as a request in out forums and it will be considered.

Meanwhile we hope all fans of MyCred or Achievements will find the new plugins useful.

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Plugin Updates – April 05, 2014

The latest round of plugin updates have just been released and made available to those who use them.


This update to the Captcha plugin fixes an issue where the captcha form would not show up properly on the WordPress registration form when using our Unified theme.

Google Sitemap

This an update the Google Sitemap plugin that is compatibility release for the latest 4.x version of the WordPress Google XML Sitemap plugin by Arne Brachhold. This release supports his latest release including the on demand generation of the sitemap.

File Uploader

This release updates the Plupload 3rd party library to the latest 2.1.1 version. Additionally, the release includes a mobile responsive (when using an SP mobile responsive theme) layout for the file uploader.


This release features improved admin layout on mobile devices. It also adds in .spcss support for mobile responsive SP themes and adds an option on whether or not subscription emails will contain the post content.

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Plugin Updates – March 24, 2014

The latest round of plugin updates have just been released and made available for those who use them.

Auto Linking

Following user requests, we have added the capability to allow for case insensitive word matching. The default and current case sensitive matching remains as it is, but for case insensitive matches, simply place a % symbol in front the of the word. Thus using a term like Android would not find a match if the post content used, for example, ‘android’. But using a match term of %Android would succeed.

Google XML Sitemap

Hopefully, this update will resolve the issue that we have had reported by a couple of users of WP SEO regarding invalid post dates in the sitemap.

Featured Topics and Posts

This fixes up some minor issue with translations and some missed text strings.

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