Simple:Press Version 5.5.3 and Christmas

Christmas-TreeI don’t think we have ever had a release quite so close to Christmas before but what better way to celebrate the fact than with a picture of an appropriately decorated Christmas tree!

Simple:Press version 5.5.3 goes hand in hand with the latest WordPress – version 4.1. Please note that alongside our 5.5.3 release we are also releasing a large number of updated themes and plugins and recommend – as always of course – that our users upgrade all of the components when they upgrade their core WordPress version.

As usual – the changelog from your forum toolbox will display a complete list of the changes, fixes and enhancements for this version and for those with custom themes, the theme and template change document on our codex should be looked at. This is particularly important with this release because of the change to tooltips.

Changes to ToolTips

It has been reluctantly necessary to change the script library responsible for the display of ToolTips throughout Simple:Press. The previous script was not properly supported by some Windows/Internet Explorer combinations which was causing some users inevitable problems. The introduction of an alternate script overcomes this problem but sadly requires some minor CSS additions for them to display correctly which effects all users running a custom theme. We are sorry this has had to happen but it was sadly inevitable for the continued support of Windows and IE.

Other than ToolTips, our Subscriptions plugin has been completely revamped in order to improve performance and database usage, we have added some extra online help – especially around the activation of Simple:Press plugins, we have one new plugin in the field (Event Logging) and another about to be released – HTML Emails – and have fixed or corrected many small bugs and issues raised by users.

And with that we would like to wish our users a great Christmas but – even more importantly – a successful and fulfilling 2015. And we will see you there.

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Plugin Updates – December 05, 2014

update-pluginToday, we have released an update to one of our plugins for Simple Press.

Syntax Highlighting

This release corrects an issue where the syntax highlighting had stopped working on blog posts when that option was enabled.

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Coming Soon: HTML Emails Plugin

update-newsSeveral years ago, Simple:Press use to send all of its emails in HTML format. Unfortunately, email clients and web mail apps support for HTML emails was pretty non-standard and sporadic. The HTML emails actually caused more problems and support issues than they were worth. So, unfortunately, we abandoned them and reverted to plaintext emails. Over the years, we got occasional requests to bring back the HTML formatted emails, but remembering the past, we frankly, never did anything with them.

Until now. Coming soon to the Simple:Press community will be a new plugin for Simple:Press that will allow you to once again send emails in HTML format. Email client and web mail apps standards support has improved to the point where this looks pretty feasible now, though still not perfect. And by doing it as a plugin for Simple:Press, if there are issues, you can always revert back to plaintext emails.

So with this upcoming HTML Email plugin, you will be able to send the following emails in HTML format:

  • New user emails (both to user and admins)
  • Password change emails (both to user and admins)
  • SP admin new post notifications
  • Subscription emails (both notifications and digests)
  • New private message emails
  • Report post emails
  • Mentions emails

Each of those emails can be customized with the desired text and html formatting you desire. For the emails, we give you a series of placeholders to use for insertion of data in the desired locations of your text and formatting. Additionally, the plugin will allow you to define a series of global css styles to be used in the emails, as well as global headers and footers that can be used in the HTML emails for things like logos and links.

When will this plugin be available? Very soon! It’s in final phase of testing and will release soon after WP 4.1 and Simple:Press 5.5.3 release (matter of couple weeks). In fact, if you receive emails from our Simple:Press support site, you should start seeing the HTML emails from us as we have activated the plugin here for final testing – and to show a glimpse of the possibilities of the formatted emails that can be done.

Very cool!

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Simple:Press Version 5.5.3 – Progress Update

update-newsSince the release of 5.5.2, we have been working, as usual, on the next incremental version – 5.5.3 – and it is time, we thought, to bring things up to date on where we are with that and what might be coming down the line.

As has happened in the past, one of the main focal points on 5.5.3 development and the controlling factor on when it is released, is the forthcoming WordPress Version 4.1 which includes core changes we have to support and be ready for. The good news on these is that to date we are ready for them and are now testing on our live site on pre-beta WP4.1 code – the best test ground we have available.

The secondary main focal point has been bug fixing. A large number of these have come up due to issues working alongside other plugins and themes and some, of course, are just bugs! Either way – we hope that when it is finally released any problems you may have reported in 5.5.2 will be fixed for you.

On the new feature or enhancement list – most of what will come in 5.5.3 is fairly minor or – at least transparent. 5.5.3 has encompassed vacation season so development has been, perhaps, a little slower than usual! But what we will be releasing is worth having. One of the major and most time-consuming – but totally transparent – developments has been the complete restructuring of our Subscriptions plugin. This has seen it’s data management sub-system ripped out and rewritten to be more efficient, faster, easier to deal with and easier to extend into the future. We did this with the Watch plugin a few updates back but Subscriptions is far more complex. We have had that on our support site running now for a couple of weeks and so far have received no negative feedback or noticeable errors.

Another problem that has plagued us a little has been an issue with tooltips, Windows and Internet Explorer. In 5.5.3 we have moved our tooltip code to use a different script library and hope this change will resolve the issue so many Win/IE users had. Perhaps some of those could try out our support forums to see if the issue they had has been rectified.

Other, minor changes include a new look at the way Private Messages are sorted which has been an issue we have been lobbied on by a few users; some extended administration popup online help which we hope will be an aid to setting up plugins and an optimisation of some slow queries – especially those around the administration users display.

But perhaps one of the items we are looking forward to most and want to make use of ourselves – will be in the form of a new plugin – coming soon – that will create and send out HTML Emails – for all the emails that Simple:Press handles. No release date yet but expect it soon.

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Plugin Updates – November 23, 2014

update-pluginToday, we have released updates to several of our plugins for Simple Press.


This release corrects an issue when banning multiple IP addresses where a recent WordPress filter change would cause linebreaks to be converted to \n characters.

Prune DB

This release does not introduce any additional features but simply adds a link to the prune db on the simple press plugins list under the plugin to be consistent with our other plugins.

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