All add-ons included with Simple:Press Pro

Forum functionality

Blog Post Linking

Turn Blog Posts into Forum Topics and Comments into Replies

Share This

Allow your Users to keep their community up to date and informed through a variety of Social Networks


Search both your Forums and – optionally your Blog Posts and Pages


Let your Users Tag other Users in Forum Posts

Polls And Surveys

A favourite of forums everywhere – ask your Users to Vote


Simply Tag your Topics

Answers Topic

Let your Users decide the best Answer to a Topic question

Topic Status

Setup Status Sequence Keywords for your Topics

Syntax Highlighting

If your forum needs to display Program Code or SQL then use our Highlighter

Auto Linking

Automatically convert Keywords in Forum Posts into Links

Hide Posters

Allow selected Users to remain hidden when they post

Report Post

Allow your Users to perform some Post Moderation

Font Resize

Allow your Users to Set the Right Font Size for them

Language and Theme Selection

Allow your Users to select their Language and Forum Colour Scheme

Featured Topics and Posts

Create a section highlighting a list of Featured Topics or Posts.

Topic Description

Add a Topic Description field to the New Topic editor form

Topic Expire Plugin

Create Topics with a built-in DISPLAY TO date

Topic ID Permalink

Swap the Topic Name for the Topic ID as the Permalink

Print Topic

Print a Post, a Page or a complete Topic – formatted for the printer

Unanswered Topics

List all of those Unanswered Topics on their own Page Template

Private Posts

If a User needs to send you Private Data give them permission to mark their post Private

Search by User

Enhance your search screen with an option to find all posts created by a specified user.


Add that extra dimension to your forum topics with threaded posts


Private Messaging

Allow your Users to Message each other and you in Complete Privacy

Post Ratings

Give your Users the power to Rate Posts made by other users.

MyCred Integration Plugin

Add extra Simple:Press support to the popular WordPress MyCred plugin

Thank Posts

Let your Users Thank other Users for the Posts and Build up Points

CubePoints Integration

Add Simple:Press support to the popular WordPress CubePoints plugin

Who’s Online

Extend the Online feature of Simple:Press


Keep track of your Users Birthdays

Forum Ranks Information

Let your Users see your Forum Ranking plan – and their own Ranking Targets


Let your Users build up the Reputations of their Peers


Subscriptions (Email Notifications For Users)

Subscribe to email notifications of topics or forums – or just those a user posts to

Watch Topics (Formerly Watches)

Let your Users Bookmark Topics they want to Watch

HTML Emails

Create professional looking Emails to send to your Users


Be Notified when your Saved Keywords get Used

Moderation Email (Alerts For Users)

Automatically email your users when one of their posts in moderation is approved

Push Notifications

Send your end users new topic and new post notifications via SMS, Slack and specialized iOS/Android apps.


Gravatar Cache

Boost Performance of downloading User Gravatars


Admin Bar

Keep tabs on all new posts; Approve, Check for Spam and Reply – all in One Place

Warnings and Suspensions

Warn, Suspend and Ban misbehaving Users quickly and easily


Fight those Spam Posts

Post As

Make a Post as a Different User

Profanity Filter

For those who want to keep their forum cleansed of certain words

Ban Users

Some Users just have to be Banned from time to time

Topic Redirect

Build a URL Redirect directly into the Topic Link

Post In Multiple Forums

When you need to spread that new Topic to multiple Forums

Policy Documents

Add critical Privacy and Usage/Registration policy documents for your forum users.


Need to make an announcement to your users across all forums? This plugin will do exactly that.

Membership Subscribe

Automatically subscribe whole User Groups to Forums

Event Logger

Keep track of what is going on in the background

Slack Admin Notifications

Send Simple:Press notifications to the Slack team communication app


Get quick stats on your forum with a sweet set of customizable charts for your WordPress dashboard.

Canned Replies (Quick Replies)

This plugin allows you to create pre-configured replies you can use to quickly reply to posts in your forum. 

Administration tools

Simple Press Forum Importer Plugin

Import from some of the most popular Forums, both WordPress based and standalone

Simple Press Database InnoDB Converter Plugin

Convert your Simple:Press Database Tables to InnoDB

Remove Spam Registrations

Easily remove those pesky, unwanted and annoying Spam User Registrations

Maintenance Mode

Put your forum – and not your whole website – into Maintenance Mode

Prune Database

Keep your Database clear of old, unwanted Topic Threads

Simple Press Database MB4 Encoder Plugin

Convert your Simple:Press Database Tables to MB4 Encoding

Post editing

File Uploader

Permit your Users to Upload their Images, Files and/or Media

TinyMCE Editor

Give your Users the same Editor for their Forum Posts as you use to write your Blog Posts with

Post Preview

See what your Post will look like before you save it

Post By Email

Create Forum Posts and New Topics – with an Email

BBCode Editor

The old Forum Favourite BBCode Editor

HTML Editor

Use the same Editor as the Text option for writing Blog Posts

Uploads Viewer

Let your Users See and Select their Uploaded Items


Google XML Sitemap

Do your SEO a favor with our Google XML Sitemap Integration plugin


BuddyPress Integration

Integrate Simple:Press with the ever popular BuddyPress

Template Tags and Widget

A collection of useful Template Tags, Short Codes and Widgets

WooCommerce Dashboard Integration (Early Release)

This Simple:Press plugin adds a direct link from your WooCommerce dashboard to your forums



Create and schedule ads by date, forum area, user group, forums, topics and keywords.

User profiles

Custom Profile Fields

Add those special Profile Fields that your website needs

Add User Identities

Add extra User Identities that are important to your website

Profile Display Control

Display just those Profile Fields that you need