3rd Quarter Update for Simple:Press

Posted on Aug 07, 2018

Its the middle of the third quarter so we figured its time to offer up a progress report. Here is where we are with the business:

Team Transition

The transition to a new team is in full swing.  We’re taking it slowly – so even though there are few visible changes, there is a lot going on behind the scenes.  The product will continue to be sold and supported and longer term memberships have been reopened in the store.

Some of the behind-the-scene changes that have been made include site transition to a  new server in AWS and code repository hosting changes.  Some of the more visible changes include reopening the store memberships and updating the legal documents such as the privacy policy.

Store Changes

The store has reopened completely with Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships available and no changes to the pricing structure.  Bronze and Copper memberships have been retired.  Product categories 1 – 6 remain available with no change to the pricing structure as well.

Paypal is no longer available for memberships – but credit card payments via stripe is currently available.  We’re still debugging an issue with Paypal that cropped up when the site switched to the AWS servers but its not a high priority right now.  Paypal will eventually re-appear as a membership payment option but we have more important tasks to handle for now.  It does remain as a payment option for plugin purchases though.

Product Changes

The existing team, Mr. Papa and Yellow Swordfish, are working on releasing version 5.8.  Mr. Papa spent this weekend knocking out 5.8 certifications for many of the 70+ plugins and Swordfish has been busy logging and squashing bugs.

We’ve also created a new, very basic WOOCOMMERCE integration plugin that will likely expand over time with more features.  It’s not available in the store yet because it requires version 5.8 of Simple:Press.  But if you’d like to be a 5.8 beta customer we’re happy to make it available to you for testing.


Its back to business as usual.  Longer-term support memberships are now available again and as we said in a prior post, the future is looking very bright.