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The ultimate WordPress
Forum Plugin

  • Simple to install and manage
  • Fast, powerful and secure
  • Unlimited forums and users
  • Over 100 features

A few examples of Simple:Press 70+ add-ons



Keep on top of your forum operations with a variety of statistics and key operational metrics.

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Forum functionality


Allow replies to be nested inside a main thread.  This keeps related conversations together and makes easier for your users to follow.

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Forum functionality

File Uploader

Powerful and customizable file uploader for the forum. Set file type and size limitations and configure how files should be displayed in posts.

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Running a premium forum?  Use the premium Ad module to display ads anywhere in your forum. 

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Private Messaging

Let users to send and receive private messages with each other and with admins and moderators. 

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Allow your users to receive email notifications of forum activity. Adds subscribe/unsubscribe buttons throughout the forum.

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Common questions

Why should I use Simple:Press when there are hosted forums like Discourse?

Self-hosted forums and hosted forum solutions both have their own advantages and drawbacks, but there are several reasons why you should choose a self-hosted forum like Simple:Press:

Control: With a self-hosted forum, you have complete control over your data, customization options, and the overall functionality of your forum. This means you can customize your forum to fit your specific needs, integrate it with other tools and plugins, and ensure your data is secure.

Cost: While hosted solutions like Discourse may seem convenient, they often come with a monthly subscription fee.

Flexibility: Self-hosted forums like Simple:Press offer greater flexibility in terms of customization, integrations, and overall functionality. This means you can tailor your forum to fit your specific needs, rather than being limited to the features and options provided by a hosted solution.

Ownership: With a self-hosted forum, you own your data and content. This means you can easily migrate to another hosting provider or platform if you choose to do so, without losing any of your content or data.

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