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The Ultimate Forum Plugin For WordPress

The only WordPress Forum Plugin with more than 12 years of continuous development and improvement!

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• Versatile

• Feature-Rich

• Extensible

• Easy To Use


Multiple Nested Forums

Start with one Forum and easily expand to as many as you need, logically grouped as your needs change


Public and Private Messaging

Set visibility options for each message - public, private, moderated - all under the control of your system admin.


Extensive Customization Options

Gain fine-grained control over your forum.  Choose from a wide selection of themes and color options.


Statistics And Reporting

Keep on top of your forum operations with a variety of statistics and key operational metrics.

Forums On Steroids

Engineered to be lighter and faster, Simple:Press is driven by themes and templates that make customizing your forum to your own design and requirements a reality. Plus our plugin architecture and extensive plugin library means that Simple:Press can be extended in any way imaginable

Easy To Use

Get started with just a few clicks after activating the plugin.

Unlimited Everything

No limits on the number of forums, members or messages - even in the free version!

SEO Ready

Creates pretty/seo friendly permalinks and supports many common SEO plugins.

70+ Add-ons, Themes And Templates

The most feature rich WordPress Forums Plugin you can buy today!

Everything You Need To Run A Successful Online Community

12+ years of development has resulted in the most feature rich Forums Plugin for WordPress on the planet!


Fully integrated into WordPress, everything can be managed from the WordPress dashboard.


Fully optimized database tables means you can run a very responsive WordPress based forum.

Get Started For Free Today

Download the free version and install on your WordPress site today!

Optimized For All Modern Browsers

How We Stack Up

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Best WordPress Forum Plugin: Simple:Press vs. wpForo vs Asgaros Forum

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Simple_Press vs bbPress

Simple:Press VS bbPress

If you’re looking for forum software there’s a good chance you’ve already encountered bbPress!

bbPress is, quite possibly, the most popular forum plugin for WordPress – by far! It has over 300,000 installations!
So why would you choose anything else? Well, here are three reasons to consider:

Simple_Press WordPress Forum Plugin VS SAAS Services

Simple:Press WordPress Forum Plugin VS SAAS Services

Most users looking to establish a discussion or support forum on a WordPress site quickly find themselves overwhelmed with options. Between the WordPress plugin options, the SAAS (software-as-a-service)/Hosted options and the various PHP scripts being sold for peanuts, its a daunting task to figure out exactly which one will most closely match their sites’ needs.