5.3.1 and Mobile Responsive Theme

Posted on Aug 24, 2013

We are quickly approaching the beta release of our new mobile responsive theme!

In order to support that, we will be releasing SP version 5.3.1 in parallel with it… As part of our usual test out process, we are now running 5.3.1 here on our support forum. Also, we are running the latest of our mobile responsive theme called Unified. So if you visit this site on your mobile phone, you can give it a try out…

This latest update includes private messaging mobile stuff as part of unified now. We are still putting the finishing touches on private messaging mobile (mainly the compose form) but its a completely overhauled pm system. Improved database schema and improved layout. You will notice the new layout in standard desktop mode so simple press too.

5.3.1 will include a few bug fixes as well as some new features including using ajax for topic delete, post delete, marking forums read, post/topic pinning and topic locking. Ajax means no page reload – just perform the function and you can keep on working. We have also begun a major revamping of the admin. No, you wont notice any changes as the work done in 5.3.1 is all under the covers, but with MP6 and the wp admin redo and mobile responsive efforts, we need to follow suit, so the ground work has begun. Another added feature is the ability for admins to set the admin options of other users. There should be a nice performance improvement too when using non gravatar avatars.

Okay, that does it for now. Please report any issues you see here in the forums. The beta rollout of Unified mobile responsive theme should be within a week away.