An Easter Holiday 5.0.5 Update

Posted on Apr 07, 2012

We know – a Simple:Press update can’t be compared to a yummy Easter Egg, but it is a picturesque way to wish all of our users a happy Easter weekend and to announce that we have made version 5.0.5 available along with some plugin and theme updates.

While the updates since V5 have been mainly to fix teething issues, 5.0.5 also includes some goodies. First up, the Uploader plugin has had some much requested additions – in particular being made available when editing posts and being added to the Profile Photos panel. A new requested permission can also control who can download other file types (not images or media since they appear in the post content) that have been uploaded. We have also done some work with the image popups and hope we have improved the display.

We have fixed up some problems with the Recent Posts tag and widget as well as the last post display when sub-forums are in play. A small hole in access to sub-forums has also been plugged.

For all of those users who wanted a custom forum icon when new posts exist in topics within that forum – you now have it. And for those who wanted badges for User Groups – you have got that too. We have also tightened up the Spam User removal plugin and added some new special options.

For a complete list of 5.0.5 changes you can view the changelog when you update it from the WP admin or visit the toolbox changelog viewer. Please be aware that the plugins and themes we are updating today will need the 5.0.5 update to also be completed.

So – now we are starting to look ahead and considering what we want to achieve in 5.1. Feel free to come over to and take a look at the plans. It is early days yet and much will change, but we are already getting excited about the new features we want to introduce. Be sure to Follow us on Twitter to follow the 5.1 progress.

And of course, we will continue to populate the Codex and work to get the 5.0 API fully documented.