An End of Year Update to Simple:Press

Posted on Dec 28, 2012

fireworksWe are closing out the year with a quick update release – Simple:Press version 5.2.1 which addresses the more important issues that cropped up with 5.2.0 plus a few more fixes and cleanups we found for ourselves.

Amongst other updates, those that had problems with the combined and compressed CSS/JS files due to server limitations should now find that fixed up and we thank those that tested the fix for us. And for that small number of users who found the upgrade hanging, we believe we have at last got an understanding of the issues and 5.2.1 has a temporary fix we hope will work for you – something we will rework in the future.

If you found and reported an issue then hopefully the resolution will be in 5.2.1 and you can check that as always in the Change Log (from the Admin Toolbox).

There have also been some minor theme updates and, as usual, there is a Codex entry documenting these changes.

For translators there have been some minor changes to both the core Simple:Press and Simple:Press Admin plus some changes to the Private Messaging and TinyMCE Editor plugins.

We will be back in the new year with an update on a couple of exciting, new and often requested plugins plus the latest news on the mobile theme development. But for now…

We wish all of our users and those just stopping by for a read, a very happy and successful new year.