An Update on 4.1 Progress

Posted on Jun 02, 2009

I am stunned to learn that it is exactly four months since we wrote Kick-Starting Version 4.1 and therefore high time for a follow up and update on progress. We had to take our eye off the ball for a few weeks because the WordPress team made some substantial engine changes to WP version 2.8 which resulted in our 4.0.3 update which, at this time, is available in beta and will drop pretty soon (when WP 2.8 releases).

Having said that, work on Simple:Press Forum 4.1 never stopped and here are just a few of the things that have made the cut so far. So – on top of topic titles being included in searches and our new auto-subscription feature some of the major items our users can expect to see include:

There is much more of course. In particular, a LOT of code and query optimizations have taken place and continues to be implemented. The speed improvement should be quite noticeable. A lot of small problems have also been corrected. And there are still some more big-ticket items in the planning stage.

As always, you can check out the other features and our current status on V4.1 by viewing our mantis bug tracker 4.1 page.

We look forward to getting this feature laden release out to our users this Summer!

Andy (Yellow Swordfish) and Steve (Mr Papa)