At last – Simple:Press Version 5.5.1

Posted on Sep 04, 2014

kodakAt long last – with the release of WordPress version 4.0 – we are able to release our own version 5.5.1. This has been one of the longest and fullest releases for quite some time and we are pleased that we can at last make it available to all of our users. Please do note that WordPress version 4.0 is required for this Simple:Press release.

We have already posted information on many of the most important new features of 5.5.1 – including our first phase of Right-to-Left language support; Automatic translation installs; Attachments management for the user and further Optimisations – but in all there are some 135+ changes including many bug fixes and more minor enhancements and additions. Not to mention a few user requested items.

As always – you can see the long list of items in our Change log – from your forum admin > Toolbox menu. And for those with custom themes, you can check out the changes – some of which you may wish to apply – on our Codex at .

And today just happens to be the anniversary – in 1888 – of George Eastman registering the trademark Kodak and receiving a patent for his camera that used roll film. I could have gone for the founding, by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, of some company with the odd name of Google (1998) but to date I believe that Kodak, despite its recent decline, has had a greater overall effect on lives and touched more people. Although Google is catching up fast!

And now for the fun bit of working out what we hope to achieve for the next Simple:Press release!