BuddyPress Integration Plugin

Posted on Apr 08, 2013

buddypressFor some time now, we have been wanting to more tightly integrate Simple:Press with BuddyPress, the community or social networking plugin for WordPress. Finally, that time is near. We now have available a beta version of a BuddyPress integration plugin for Simple:Press.

With this integration plugin, you can have Simple:Press forum activity show in the BP activity stream, share avatars between the two WP plugins, manage your Simple:Press forum profile from the BuddyPress profile, get forum notifications in the BP notifcations, manage your watches and subscriptions from the BP profile and more.

This is just the beginning, but we need your help. Before formally releasing the plugin, we would like to get some feedback and testing. Since we are not full BuddyPress users, we need some folks who are to run it through the grinder and tell us what we missed. We would also like to know what other integration features you would like.

You can get the current beta of the BuddyPress integration plugin in our support forum BuddyPress topic. Sorry, but you will need to have a support forum membership in order to access the beta topic.

If all goes well, we should release the initial version of this plugin this month.