Coming Soon – Simple:Press Version 5.6

Posted on Dec 08, 2015

dec-12-2015Following the release of WordPress version 4.4 today (December 8th) we are now planning our own next update for this coming Saturday – December 12th. Just a few more finishing touches and a few more tests to go.

If you are an existing Simple:Press user – then please do read the notes below…

Despite the bump from our 5.5 series to 5.6, there is not an awful lot to see that is different. But under the hood there are a whole lot of changes, enhancements and fixes – setting things up for what we want to come next. So while it may not have your favourite new feature – it does enhance the platform for what we hope will be more exciting things over the next few months. And the fixes alone make it a must-do upgrade. Find out all the fixes, new bits and changes in the change-log from your forum admin toolbox – available later today.

Some important information for existing Simple:Press users

If you have created a custom theme based upon our standard Unified or Reboot themes then please read this note carefully. We have taken the opportunity in 5.6 to make some styling corrections and UI enhancements that will require your custom theme to be manually updated with some changes. This was a tough decision to make as we do not like to break custom themes – but it was the right one to make and the right time to do it. You will find the information you need to make these changes (copy and paste) on our codex at the 5.6 changes page. We apologise for this inconvenience.