Embarrassed And Chastised

Posted on Jun 25, 2010

If you tried to access the site yesterday then you would have noticed it wasn’t there. We seem to have been down for around 24 hours all due, if I understand it correctly, to a thunderstorm in Chicago that took out the data centre where our site is hosted.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the servers containing backups were inaccessible for some hours and when they did finally become available there were problems there as well. This means the forum, while back on line, has a lost few days worth of topics and posts. If you are effected by that then we apologise. Hopefully we can catch up and get back to normal quickly.

Why are we embarrassed? The simple answer to that is backups. Seems we hadn’t selected the right options to ensure we had a good backup regime in place and considering we preach the backup mantra then I call that embarrassing. Chastised? You bet.

It is going to take a few days to get things back as they should be. If you use SVN to download the latest builds as I know some people do then we strongly suggest waiting a week as we probably have some rebuilding to do on that front.

And if you started a topic that hasn’t yet been resolved which has not vanished from sight – please bear with us. If we are slow responding it can’t be helped.