Introducing the new Simple Press Demo site

Posted on Aug 13, 2012

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new Simple:Press Demonstration website. You can now test drive Simple:Press without installing it on your website and preview many of the features available. So now you can learn – hands on – why people are talking about Simple:Press and why not only do we think it’s the best forum plugin available for WordPress but others do too!

You can try out the Post Ratings, Polls, Tags and much more. See how the TinyMCE Editor and File Uploader work, the Private Messaging system or how Facebook and Twitter registrations can be integrated. Demo it as a guest, a regular member or even a private forum member to see how different levels and permissions work.

If you are new to Simple:Press this is a great way to see how it works. If you already run Simple:Press you can try out some of the Simple:Press plugins before you install them.

Take a minute and check it out, kick the tires and give it a test drive. Once done you can head on over to our downloads page and install it on your own site.

While playing with the demo, check out the various theme colour options that Simple:Press offers ‘out of the box’. The demo website uses a green theme but you can see the other colour options by selecting a different one in the forum footer. Simply select a different theme and see what they look like. And customising a theme to add new colour combinations to match your own website can be easily achieved. Remember that Simple:Press is built to be customised and easily extended. We have also added in a language selector so you can view it in a different language to English.

Visit the Demo site at for a fully-featured WordPress forum experience.