Introducing the Simple:Press Store

Posted on Jul 11, 2015

storeJust over 3 years ago – in March 2012 shortly after the launch of Simple:Press version 5.0 – we announced in a blog post (Simple:Press Reloaded) that we were switching to a membership based support model in the hope that in this way we could raise the necessary funds to continue to develop and keep alive the Simple:Press project. We had no idea at that time if the move would result in success or if we would be pulling the plug even earlier but as it happened we have kept afloat and while it is never going to make us rich it has stemmed the flow of cash from our own pockets.

We were, on the whole, pleasantly surprised by the response. There were a small handful of people who grumbled and one or two who wrote obscene and abusive emails but the vast majority of our users appeared to understand the tough decision we had to make. And we have been grateful for their continued support.

But it doesn’t matter what business model you put in place – it is never going to satisfy everyone and over the last 3 years we have noted all of the requests and listened to any criticism and this has all led to a major re-appraisal and re-design. And the number one request has always been the ability to purchase individual Simple:Press plugins without the necessity to purchase membership.

Well now you can.

We have also re-designed our membership plans and now offer more options from a single month to a whole year – most with a variety of free add-ons and all with some great discounts.

As with 3 years ago – we don’t know if this will prove a popular success but we do hope it will encourage new users to take a look at Simple:Press as well as help existing members to keep up to date with new plugins when their membership expires.

You will find links to our new membership plans and to our new store on the menu at the top of the page and remember – Simple:Press itself remains completely free to download and use.

If you need a little more information on what Simple:Press membership means then please do take a look at our membership FAQ page which will hopefully tell you what you want to know.

And for our current members…

Nothing changes. What you signed up for still stands and your membership and our commitments to that will be honoured. But now you have the best of both worlds – if we just happen to release that plugin you have been waiting for just after your membership expires… you will be able to get hold of it easily and far more cheaply.

Meanwhile – please take a look around… The buttons below can take you where you might want to go.