Kick-Starting Version 4.1

Posted on Feb 01, 2009

search-411While the dust has not completely settled on our Version 4.0.0 release and some more obscure bugs are still crawling out of the woodwork here and there, we are already turning our attention to Version 4.1.

Early in every development cycle we take some time to trawl the code in search of anything we can optimise a little more and hunt down any database queries that can be altered to aid speed and performance. This process is due to start this coming week. At the same time we review all of the feature requests plus some of our own ideas and start to prune out the impossible, sideline the obscure and prioritise those we feel are important enough to be targeted for the next release. Anyone can see this list on our 4.1 Trac page although just because it is currently on the list does not necessarily mean it will make the final cut.

But one or two items are already coded up and in testing. These include two features that have been long requested:

Got a favourite must have? We already have a long, long list and please check the 4.1 Trac page first to see if it is already under consideration. If not – feel free to raise it on the appropriate forum.