Our Birthday Release of Version 5.2.3

Posted on Feb 23, 2013

cakesUnbelievably it has been a year (and a couple of days) since we first released Simple:Press 5.0 and today – as a completely coincidental form of celebration – we are pleased to release our latest update – version 5.2.3.

This update mainly represents a clearing of the decks of as many bugs and issues as we know about at this time as we need to turn our attention to changes coming along in WordPress (3.6) that are going to need, we believe, a large number of tweaks, changes and testing. And that, we need to get on with as soon as possible.

We do recommend ALL of our users update to this version as besides bug fixes – it also contains some security tightening (and thanks to the user who discovered this and privately made us aware of it) plus support for a couple of plugins that also contain security updates.

There are also quite a few new features like allowing use of the tinyMCE editor in Signatures; letting the admin select the order of pinned topics; SEO keywords at forum level; auto-subscription to only topics started (subscriptions plugin); option to create list boxes in custom profile fields (CPF plugin) – to name just a few. As always – please see the change log (Toolbox) for more information.

As always – for those with custom themes the change document is now available in the Codex describing theme and template changes that have been made.

Next up – preparing for WordPress 3.6 and back to our Mobile Theme. Meanwhile – we would like to thank all of those that have supported us over our first year and have helped make Version ‘5’ a great success.