Our First Mobile Theme Gets an Airing

Posted on Jul 09, 2013

sp-on-phoneWe know! – our mobile theme development has been dragging on and on for a long time. Partly this is because of the support that we have also needed to build in to our Simple:Press plugins. But it has also had a lot to do with the long, long overdue release of WordPress 3.6 which has slipped by a couple months and is still in a beta state.

However, if you are reading this then we will now be using our mobile theme on our own site here which is still the first port of call for testing what we will call our alpha 1 version. This is currently capable of running our core and all of the plugins that we ourselves use with the single exception of Private Messaging which is still undergoing an overhaul for both desktop and mobile.

Our first step on this long road took place a few weeks back when we adopted our ‘responsive’ WordPress theme which bought our site under mobile control and now we are addressing the support forum. Our forum theme does need, of course, an appropriately responsive WordPress theme foundation for it to function on all devices.

Now that it is on our site, we hope to get to a beta stage fairly quickly (still needs to be post WP 3.6 release) so a few users can try it out. We are, of course, looking for any and all feedback – good and bad. The theme is named ‘Unified’ and will be a theme with multiple overlays and an easy way to create custom versions.

If you would like to comment on the theme – point out an error or problem or even just ask a question about it – please follow the link from this post to the forum topic. But first – please do load up the browser on your mobile phone and take a look.